Is there Anything on the North Side of the Strip?

The much anticipated opening of the SLS Vegas is expected to happen on August 23rd up by where the Sahara used to be.  With this exciting new hotel and its mile long list of restaurants and clubs it is bringing to the north side, it should only be a matter of time that this area is thriving again.  Check out these spots that are already on that side of town which are probably even more excited about the SLS and the crowds it should bring, than we are.

The Mob Museum

The mob museum is banking on America’s obsession with organized crime.  Located inside of the restored Federal Courthouse building, this three story museum takes you on an interactive tour of the rise and fall of the American Gangster and the impact they had on Las Vegas.  It’s not all Vegas though.  The most treasured attractions are the brick wall that stood as the backdrop to the 1929 Valentine’s Day massacre.  Some of the exhibits are on the gory side, as the museum is holding nothing back in sharing this notorious time period in American History.  Keep that in mind if you are considering bringing the kids.  Speaking of, their entrance fee is 14 bucks a pop, while adults are going to pay close to 20.  Well worth it, if you are interested in the darker side of the Vegas story.

Vegaster Tip: Take a break from gaming and see some history.

Vegaster Tip: Take a break from gaming and see some history.

The Neon Museum

Downtown Vegas is also home to another history telling museum.  Neon lighting has been a feature in Vegas for decades with dozens of now defunct venues leaving their discarded signs to the wayside.   Now these iconic signs are back, giving visitors the chance to learn about their rich histories.  There are over 100 signs in their bone yard dating back to the 1930’s, each with its own story of success and downfall.  The Neon Museum is also responsible for bringing back to life some of the signs displayed on Fremont St.  After all of the hoopla over at the new SLS hotel dies down, take a break from their new casino and check out the signs left over from the old.

Quail Eggs on Your Pizza?

The SLS Las Vegas is promising to be full of 5 star restaurants run by world renowned chefs.  Well, what if you just want a dang pizza dude (outside of the 800 Degree Pizza inside SLS)?  Lucky for you Pizza Rock is right up the street.  Who is going to serve up America’s real national food better then an 11 time World Champion Pizza Maker title holder?  Tony Gemignani is a real live pizzaiolo with a pizzeria right here on the northern side of the strip.  Interesting appetizers and classic pasta dishes aside, the pizza portion of the menu doesn’t miss a thing. From the famous NY style to the offbeat Californian touches, there is a pizza here for everyone.

Worth the trip, even if you're staying on the strip!

Worth the trip, even if you're staying on the strip!

Once you step outside the midtown box, you realize that there is a lot going on in Vegas that you never knew about.  With a little luck and a lot of money, the SLS should be able to help visitors fall in love with the other side of Vegas again.  If you are planning to check out the new hotel this fall, use your Vegaster App to find some sweet deals on these and other cool attractions on that side of town.