This Month Life Will Be Beautiful in Downtown Vegas for the 3rd Year in a Row

Insomniac Events’ “Life is Beautiful” festival is about to take over Vegas for the third year in a row with 100,000 fans from all over the world anticipated to pour into Vegas September 25th to the 27th. Despite “lawsuits” (smdh), this mega music and art fest has quickly grown to be one of the most looked-forward to events in Vegas.

The Music

Dozens of music artists and acts are expected to grace the multiple stages over the 3 days, with actress/singer Jackie Tohn taking on the role as emcee. There won’t be one second where there is not a strong beat moving the Life is Beautiful to new heights.

When you have Stevie Wonder as a headliner, you know you’re in for something truly wonderful. In addition to the musical icon, you can catch Hozier, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Robin Shulz, SZA, Cashmere Cat and more, Just on Friday. 

The Icon Stevie Wonder

The Icon Stevie Wonder

Saturday is kicked off with Imagine Dragons, Duran Duran (WHAT), Snoop Dogg and What So Not, with various other artists thrown in for good listening measure. For the last day of the event, move to the sounds of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Weezer, Knife Party, and The Green.

The Art

What makes Life is Beautiful such a standout is the variety of things going on. Sure, the music is good, but there is also plenty to look at too. Art displays will be set up all over downtown, giving you sneak peeks into the minds of emerging and established artists. Take a time out to check out various works by 1010, Ruben Sanchez, Pixel Pancho, The Fat Jew and more.

The Inspiration

On each day of the event, a special and inspiring presentation is given that focuses on improving oneself and improving the world. On Friday is “A Force for Good” where speakers like Bill Nye (yes the science guy) discuss taking what they are passionate about and using it to create a better world.

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Life Is Beautiful

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Life Is Beautiful

Saturday’s topic is “Shaping the Future” and what is in store for us over the next few decades. If you need a kick in the butt to get out and make a difference, check out Sunday’s “Challenging the Game” where various individuals talk about overcoming odds and clawing to the top.

The Food

Life is Beautiful is not the hotdog and popcorn type of festival – although you can get those too. But there will also be a list of celebrity chefs and top end food vendors all over the place to keep your tummy happy. There’s really no other place in the world where you can groove to Major Lazer while munching on mouth watering cuisine from the likes of Nobu.

Pizza to BBQ to Indian Food

Pizza to BBQ to Indian Food

With over $20 million in revenue made for the city last year, and more expected this year, it’s likely that life is going to be getting beautiful in Vegas for a while. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of a festival that is exciting all of the senses. Get your tickets now on Vegaster of course  and let us help with the rest of your plans.