Late-Breaking Details on the T-Mobile Arena Construction

If it feels like to you that the space surrounding the New York – New York and Monte Carlo is in a constant state of change, well that’s because it is. The outside “Central Park” has been a work in process for months, and now we’re about to see the emergence of something really huge just behind it.

The T-Mobile Arena is set to open sometime in April, and when it does it will become a major contender in the competition for showcasing music and sports events. In fact, by the looks of things, it will become THE place to add to a concert tour.

T-Mobile Arena behind New York New York Hotel & Casino

T-Mobile Arena behind New York New York Hotel & Casino

The T-Mobile Stadium

It will literally be a walk in the park to gain entrance into the new stadium. Set on a 16-acre lot, the 650,000 square foot arena will be surrounded by trees and grass with small stages strategically placed for smaller acts to entertain you before and after the show. VIPs will have special doors to make their entry into one of the 50 luxury suites that await inside.

Speaking of the seating, no matter what the cost of your ticket you’ll be comfortable with a great view of the stage. Something new are the overhangs jutting out at 100 feet from floor level. These 2 “standing room only” boxes let you see and hear the show as if you are perched on air in front of it.

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A second stage will be set above the entrance facing east for smaller events. This glass-walled entrance will also feature the largest video screen in the world at 175 feet by 45 feet. Imagine watching Orange is the New Black on that monster of a TV.

Considering that you can house a small town inside of this gigantic space, just imagine the possibilities for the types of events showcased here. We already know that this will be the new home for boxing and UFC matches, but it is also a viable space for hockey and basketball games (time for Vegas to get a team maybe?). Of course there will also be musical concerts and stage shows. The Killers, Guns n’ Roses, and George Strait have all already booked a turn in April, and the dynamic Miss Janet Jackson will make an appearance here in May.

Wayne Newton will be joining The Killers on April 6th to kick off the birth of Vegas’ newest monster arena. As word spreads of its unique features and VIP feel, A-list performers will likely be chomping at the bit for their chance to entertain Vegas inside of this perfectly designed venue.