Las Vegas – Betting the Spread – and Super Bowl Sunday… Are You Hooked Up Yet?

There are few one-day only mega-events that ignite as much gambling passion as Super Bowl Sunday. And while this year’s teams are still up in the year, guys from all over the globe are gearing up for the action. Unless you got tickets for the real thing, the next best thing is to watch the big game go down in Vegas.

But I Don’t Know How to Bet on Football

Okay, so we’ll give you the quick version on how football betting works. Your best bet is to bet the spread. This is not by if your team wins, but how much they win by in order for you to win. That would be really hard to figure out. When you bet using a point spread, your team doesn’t even have to win, you just need to cover the spread.

Since there is almost always a clear pick to win, the point spread works by giving the underdog a handicap of sorts. Like, we know that guy is going to win, but for your bet to be a winning one, they have to win by at least this many points.

So if the spread is ten and you bet on the favorite, they have to win by 10 or more points. If you bet on the underdog the winning team has to win by nine points or less. So basically, with a spread, everyone knows whose butt is getting kicked, it’s just a matter of betting on by how much.

Vegaster TIP: The MINUS is the favorite. Example, the Detroit Lions are -7. They are a 7 point favorite. PLUS is the underdog. Example, Green Bay is +8.5, They are projected to lose by 8.5 points. Don't worry about the 5, that's the "hooker". We'll explain that later

Betting with a spread evens the odds a little bit and keeps things interesting. So now that you have that down, figure out the type of fan you are, and choose your book accordingly:

Hey! We’re Trying to Watch the Game!

The Palazzo Hotel: Emeril Lagasse’s sportsbook and restaurant is the obvious place for watching the Super Bowl. There are 10 by 20 foot projection screens, couch seating in a stadium style, and a menu created by the French master chef. Unless you are looking for the ultimate party down spot to sorta see the game, Lagasse’s Stadium has everything else covered.

Dude Did You See That Pass? Cool, Now Where’s My Drink

The Hard Rock Hotel: The sportsbook here may not be as big cozy as Emeril’s, but this is where you want to be if your whole focus is not on the game. The Hard Rock book has 25 screens to watch the highlights but plenty of party to keep you entertained in between.

Is There a Game on Today or Something?

Planet Hollywood: Inside of the Miracle Mile Shops is this great little sports bar that is more bar than sport. If you are more into the cheerleaders than the score, then Blondie’s Sports Bar will be right up your alley. Play beer pong, do shots, and once in a while remember that you have money riding on something or other. This year they are offering a $200 pp deal that gets you a table, buffet food, and an open bar. You will have to hightail it to the casino first to make your bet, but you don’t care about the game that much anyway.

Ditch the barker lounge this year and be a part of the Super Bowl by watching it unfold alongside thousands of other fans. This is one of the biggest days in Vegas that you don’t want to miss.