What Are The Best Kid Picks For A Vegas Vacation?

Typically, kids are the last thing you think about when you are planning a Las Vegas trip, but let’s face it folks, some of us got ‘em and have to do something with them during breaks from school.  Unless you want to want to spend the next 18 years waiting on line at the Magic Kingdom, think about what Vegas has to offer for the younger set.  Play your cards right and you’ll even manage to squeeze in some time for yourself.

Kids Hotel Pick

Forget about Circus Circus, with the opening of Hershey’s Chocolate World, the other Vegas hotel with two names is now the it spot for the kiddies.  The New York New York Hotel and Casino is one of the more reasonably priced hotels on the strip with rooms starting at below $200 a night for families including a free breakfast buffet.  

Nothing better than a HUGE Peanut Butter Cup!

Nothing better than a HUGE Peanut Butter Cup!

Everything about this hotel is reminiscent of the city that never sleeps, from its re-creation of the famous skyline to the ethnically diverse choice of restaurants.  Besides the chocolate world, the kids will love the Coney Island-like arcade and roller coaster.  If you are worried about some down time, take the kids down to the pool for a dip while you enjoy a well deserved chair massage.

Kids Restaurant Pick

There are pizza parlors and hot dog stands inside the New York New York Hotel, but if you want to enjoy a sit down meal that the kids will like try Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  Don’t let the name fool you, the atmosphere is designed to entertain the kids with bright lights and live music.  The boat and airplane props will divert their attention away from you as you start looking for that shaker of salt.

Be sure you grab the little 1's a virgin cocktail!

Be sure you grab the little 1's a virgin cocktail!

The kids menu inside Margaritaville is as diverse as yours, minus the booze of course, with everything from their own junior version of a cheeseburger in paradise to fried shrimp.  Unlike your typical kids menu, Jimmy’s offers the kids an abundance of sides choices, from a healthy veggie to the old French Fry stand by.

Kids Show Pick

Inside the Excalibur Hotel, knights are fighting to defend the honor of their home country while guests watch from the sidelines.  The Tournament of Kings is a delightful step back into medieval times that invites the audience to participate.  You and the kiddies will be seated in your own country and encouraged to cheer for your knight as he jousts and sword fights his way to victory.

Everyone's a winner with the kids are happy.

Everyone's a winner with the kids are happy.

As proper members of the king’s court, you will be served a fine fare of poultry, veggies and biscuits, which you will have to eat with your hands the way a fine king would.  The wee ones have a choice of juice and soda, while mom and dad get to indulge in your typical spirits.  Prices for tickets are in the $75 range for this fantasy trip into a whole other time and place.

Las Vegas may not have Mickey and Pluto traversing its streets (usually), but there are plenty of ways for the whole family to enjoy the trip.  Use your Vegaster App to map out even more adventures for the kids and by the end of the day they will be begging you to go off and gamble and give them a break.

***This Vegaster survey was conducted on a playground, before the kids naps based on pretty pictures. So yeah, it's pretty accurate! #Vegaster