5 Bouts to the Beat Down – Is the Bellagio or Caesar’s the Biggest on the Block?

There is no denying that when it comes to big names, the Bellagio and Caesars are the most widely known. But a Vegas resort won’t survive long on its name alone. So if these two bad boy hotels go head to head on keeping the new guys down, which one will still be left standing?

Round 1: A Room With a View

Bellagio – One Bedroom Salone Suite

 The Bellagio is an AAA 5 Diamond Award winner, meaning that the hotel goes way above and beyond your wildest expectations. That’s evident in the one bedroom salone suite. It’s bright, cheerful and full of luxury. Guests are greeted by a marble foyer which opens up to a cozy seating area and bedroom. The bath ain’t bad either with whirlpool tub, separate shower and an LCD TV to keep you company. This spacious room can be as low as $350 a night depending on when you stay.

Caesar’s Palace – Laurel Collection

In the same price range, Caesars has the Laurel Collection. These luxurious suites are inside of the award winning Octavius and Augustus Towers and provide direct access to the Garden of the Gods pool area. Caesar’s array of amenities and over the top service has earned it the Forbes Four Star Award for 2015.

Knocked Out? – The most basic of suites at Caesar’s just seem basic and a bit dated compared to the Bellagio’s. The amenities are the same, but the Bellagio’s rooms feel more modern. Plus they give you a great view of the fountains day and night. That alone is well worth shelling out some extra clams.

Round 2: Who’s Clubbin’ Who?

Bellagio – Hyde

Hyde is a high class, sophisticated nightclub oozing in opulence. The feel is more like an exclusive men’s club where you need to know a secret knock to get past the guy at the door, except important elements like the drink menu are definitely geared towards the gals. If just for the view, you should hide out at Hyde at least once.

Caesar’s Palace – Omnia Nightclub

The newest nightclub to make its way onto the strip, Omni is not holding back any punches when it comes to pounding music, stunning style and exhilarating atmosphere. Set up like an opera house, the VIP tables are fit for royalty, giving unprecedented views of the killer line-up of DJ’s Omnia has secured.

Knocked Out? – That view can’t let the Bellagio win them all. Omnia is new, it’s fresh, and it has the best talent in the EDM Biz lined up, giving the new guys a run for their money.

Round 3: Soothing Spas

Bellagio’s Spa and Salon

Bellagio’s spa needs no introduction as its simplicity takes you on a relaxation journey of the mind and body. The décor is sophisticated, yet sedate, not overwhelming the senses with unnecessary glamour. Instead, the focus is on the experience, and making sure that you walk out of there feeling like a brand new person.

Caesar’s Palace – Qua Spa

The Qua Spa is the polar opposite of soft and soothing. Colored lights are used to create the mood, and water – hence qua – an important element in almost all of the relaxation therapies offered. Exclusive Nobu brand products and treatments are used, adding to the mystique of this unusual environment.

Knocked Out? – Sorry Caesar’s, but sometimes less is more. It’s beautiful, but too vibrant, and makes you feel like you’re getting a massage at Omnia.

Round 4: Who Has the Top Chef?

Bellagio – Michael Mina

San Francisco meets the Mediterranean in this elegant restaurant by the Michelin Award winning of the same name. The menu is geared towards the sea, but you will find tasty treats from the terrain as well. Although definitely up-scale, the atmosphere still remains relaxed.

Caesar’s Palace – Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

There is no mistaking that a Brit is behind this gem of a restaurant, although it’s being run by the winner of “Hell’s Kitchen’s” 12th season Scott Commings. The menu features favorites found across the pond, and does not forget the importance of the word “pub” in its name. All of the menu items have been created specifically to pair well with any of the 99 beers that are also featured.

Knocked Out? – Sorry Michael, you’re a fantastic chef, but this is Vegas and we have to follow the beer.

(Cool to note that another reality cooking show winner, Brian Malarkey from “Top Chef”, will be opening his restaurant – Searsucker- at Caesar’s on March 27th. He and Scott should compare notes on the many differences between cooking for Gordon and cooking for Padma.)

Round 5: Who’s Up for Poker?

Bellagio Poker Room

Poker fans already know that this room means serious card playing business. One of the stops on the World Poker Tour, there are 40 tables spread out over 7,000 square feet. The tour’s not here every day, but there are daily tournaments that you can get in on if you have the right ante.

Caesar’s Palace Poker Room

Weighing in at only 4,500 square feet with 16 tables, the Caesar’s Palace poker room is a bit more intimate. This setting is actually ideal for someone who fancies themselves a pro, and someone who is just learning the ropes. A wide variety of games with different stakes are being played all day, making it easy for you to get in on the action.

Knocked Out? – Tough call since they both have their advantages. Rookies will like Caesar’s better while the serious poker player will appreciate the Bellagio.

When you get right down to it, both of these popular Vegas resorts have been attractive for so long for good reason. They don’t need to show off their muscle for the world to know that when it comes to planning a Vegas vacation, both these hotels have all it takes to make it a great one.