How to Use the Right Lingo to Show You’re No Chump:  Vegas Speak Defined

Right there you just got your first lesson in Vegas speak, and you didn't even know it.  If you did, then you’re already not a chump and you can go ahead and skip this article.  A chump in Vegas is someone new to the game, not a pro, someone to take advantage of.  Make sure your opponents don’t make you for a square (Hee hee, got another one in there) by learning some important gambling and casino lingo.

Kind sir, can I have 1 more card?

Kind sir, can I have 1 more card?

Square, Public, Tourist, Fish:  All mean the exact same thing, and are all right up down there with being called a chump.  If you overhear someone calling you one of these terms, then the gig is up and you may as well grab your drink and head back to the slot machines where you belong.

High Rollers, Wise Guys, and Whales:  These are the guys putting down big bucks on the tables. They are usually hard to spot through the thick line-up of bodyguards and babes, one of which is protecting his bankroll.

Bankroll:  How much money a casino or gambler has to play with.  Don’t have much?  Then consider yourself a low roller.

Low Rollers, Grinders:  The polar opposite of a Whale.  These are the gamblers holding their chips close to their chest and only playing one green chip at a time.

Green Chips, Greens, Greenies:  A $25 chip being played on every table in grind joints.

Grind Joint, Sawdust Joint:  Those casinos that cater to low rollers.  Think of the old school Vegas casinos.

Black:  A $100 casino check.

Check:  What cool gamblers call a chip.

What's your HOT number?

What's your HOT number?

That’s the basics, now on to some gambling lingo.

Stickman: That’s the guy with the hook taking your greenies off the craps table.

Shooter: Should be you, blowing on the dice before rolling a Boxcar.

Boxcars: Double sixes in craps.  Booya baby!

Boxman: The guy on top of the drop box at the craps table.  He’s watching for pastposting.

Pastposting:  Cheating. Throwing down or taking back a check after the roll is done.  

Drop Box: The locked box at each gambling table where paper money is deposited.  

Shoe: That’s the box holding the decks of cards for Blackjack or Baccarat. Keeps the dealer honest.    

Rack: Yeah that showgirl had a nice one, but in Vegas this is what holds the chips on the tables.

Croupier: The guy in charge of dropping the little ball onto the roulette wheel.  He gets to take all your chips too.

Hit Me: The cool way to say give me another card in Blackjack. You’ll look even cooler if you tap the table when you say it.  Just don’t be a turkey and start banging on it.

To FIRE bet or to not?

To FIRE bet or to not?

Turkey:  That guy over there being rude to the dealer.  Don’t let that be you. Turkey’s are only good at Thanksgiving!

Steamer, Pigeon, Plunger:  This is a gambler who is chasing his losses.  You know, that guy spending all his time pulling money out. The only place to guarantee your winning is at the ATM machine!

Stiff:  No, not that guy passed out on the craps table.  This is someone who despite winning big never gives up a toke.

Toke:  This has nothing to do with what the valet is doing out back. Toke is Vegas speak for a tip.  Like a token of my gratitude.  The drinks may be free, but you should still throw a check to the pretty lady bringing them to you.

Can I get you another? Only at Hyde!

Can I get you another? Only at Hyde!

George: The opposite of a stiff.  That’s why his drink is always full. VEGASTER TIP: Toke big early.

Eye in the Sky: Tess spoke the truth, there’s always someone watching, so behave yourself or you may just get 86’d.

86’d:  That’s what you get for acting a fool inside a casino.  May as well go find yourself a honey and a Marryin’ Sam ‘cause your night of gambling is over.

Marryin’ Sam:  That guy in the Elvis suit reciting wedding vows to those two chumps who just met.

Elvis has left the alter.....

Elvis has left the alter.....