Never Fly Solo: How to Pick Your Vegas Wingman

Singles who flock to Vegas still do it in pairs, or even big groups. Face it, there are a few guys (and girls) who have the balls to take on a nightclub alone, let alone a whole strip of them. Which works in your favor if your main objective is a Vegas hook up. The key is in finding the right guy to be your wing so that you can hook up with the right girl.

Here’s why a wing man is so important. Worse than guys, girls don’t traipse about the club alone. They hit the bar in pairs, they dance in pairs, shoot they even go to the bathroom as a couple. It’s just female nature. If you, no matter how good you look, zero in on one of the pair by yourself you are doomed. It’s called girlfriend jealousy, where the one you don’t want doesn’t want to be left behind. Unless you happen upon a kinky duo of girls, you’re going to get shot down unless you have a wing man.

What Makes a Good Wing Man?

First off, he has to look good. You might think this will make things harder for you, but if you have  a plan before hand, no matter how good your wing man looks, everyone goes back to the hotel happy. He needs to be confident. No sense in having a wing man that you have to drag up to the girls. He needs to be able to take initiative too if you guys are going to get anywhere.

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If this is someone you hang with a lot, set up your system. Not every pair of girls is created equal, and sometimes one is much hotter than the other. If you got the babe last weekend, let your buddy have his turn this time out. If you don’t spend that much time club crawling with this guy, have a plan before the approach on who is gunning for whom. In the end you just may need to leave it up in the air until the ladies you have your eye on cast their vote.

How to Work Your Wing

Don’t do the alpha-male thing and start slinging jabs in front of the girls. Have his back and talk him up and vice versa. Throw in a casual comment about the type of car he drives (unless it’s a Honda) make sure he finds a way to mention that you are a body builder. Help each other out, by talking one another up.

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The last thing is to make sure you both have the same goal. If your so-called wing mans main objective is seeing the bottom of a bottle of tequila, he’s of no use to you. Your wing man needs to be on the same mission as you… find a girl for a Vegas fling.

The cool thing about traveling in a small pack and going VIP is that you have a few wing men to work the room, plus an exclusive table to impress the ladies with. With the right look, the right attitude and buddy by your side, your chances of making a score in a Vegas nightclub just got a heck of a lot better.