Act the Part: How to Be a VIP When You’re a VIP

Youv'e contacted Vegaster, you saved the money, got the right clothes (you hope) and now you have booked a VIP table at the nightclub LiFE at the new SLS hotel. You’re stoked, your friends are stoked, but one wrong step and you’re a chump not a VIP. Before hitting the VIP line, make sure you know how it really works when you book a VIP table at a club like LiFE.

What Not to Wear

Go through your suitcase and throw all of these things to the side, your sneakers and sports shoes, shorts, baggy pants, baseball caps, cut offs, capris, beanies, jersey’s and t-shirts.  Put on what’s left. If nothing is, you didn’t prepare for Vegas. Call Vegaster Ground Support and let them find something right for you. Sure, you are going to see some guys inside wearing a T or baseball cap, but that’s because he either is somebody, or he knows somebody. Nice jeans, dress pants, jacket, button down or collared shirt and dress shoes, all good.

Ladies, just dress neat and sexy and you’ll have no problem. Low cut and short is the best way to go.

Get in Line

**The following is for Non-Vegaster Users! We know that there is no wait when you go Vegaster ELITE VIP.

Plan on showing up between 10:30 and 11. Anything later than that and you are risking not getting a good table. Also, VIP or not, unless you are Diddy you just might have to wait in a line to get into the club. Resist the urge to scream “Vegas Baby”, no cat calling at the girls (or guys) and don’t get nasty with the doorman. Basically, just chill out for a few minutes. Your VIP status is going to get in soon enough.

Don’t Be a Stiff

**Yep, same thing here. Vegaster Elite's know that the tip is built right in. For the rest, where you go!

VIP’s tip. Make sure that you have set aside money to tip, and tip big, when you are going to be a VIP at a Vegas nightclub. Tip the VIP hostess when she takes you to your table. $50 per bottle if that is all she did, but $100 if she is the same one who helped you get the VIP hookup. For your waitress, there’s a tip on the check, but you should plan on giving her, and the bussers and your security guy something more on the side.

Remeber to take care of the one's who take car of you!

Remeber to take care of the one's who take car of you!

Understand the Lingo

There will be what is called a minimum spend for your table. What this means is that you have to order a certain dollar amount in liquor to keep the table. That’s a lot easier than you might think. In fact, most VIPs end up going above their table minimum. Be prepared for that. Also remember that this is your table for the whole night, so if you have to, feel free to take your time draining your bottles.

Quick Math: $1500 minimum means your total cost BEFORE Taxes, Tips, Fees & Service Charges. If Grey Goose is $525 each, 3 bottles will get you to $1575. You hit the minimum.

Vegaster Math: Our ALL INCLUSIVE means you pay 1 price and no surprises later in the night. An example would be: $2250 ALL INCLUSIVE. Elite VIP Entry, Best Table Location (based on value), beverage choices ready on the table. ALL TAXES, TIPS, FESS, SERVICE CHARGES and any other surprises are all covered. If a surprise L.E.T fee comes up, we got it covered!

You’re at the VIP Table, Now What?

Whatever you want. Go and dance. Pick up girls, grab some guys. Walk around the club. Marquee has its patio/pool right outside, so go ahead and get some air. Or you can just sit at your table with your drink in hand and relish being a VIP.

There is good reason why the VIP tables in Vegas clubs get filled up so fast. VIP table service at a nightclub is the ultimate Vegas experience. Just make sure to act the part so that next time they don’t give you a table in the alley.

Any questions on this, our team of Vegaster Elite will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. #Vegaster