My last experience to Vegas was the best ever in my life! Trust me! I'm not a person who like to talk about things I use, cause...well who really cares, but I gotta tell you about this app Vegaster! I got this app from my friend Matt, who was talking about it at a party. Matt was walking the strip and ran into the Vegaster Ground Support Team. I mean, Ground Support Team, what is that! He said it was basically 2 hot chicks and a buff looking dude! They were hooking people up on the strip with Free Water. That's all, just Free waters and answering any Vegas questions people had. Of course Matt is going to stop, 2 gorgeous ladies... Yeah, he's stopping. While talking they told him to download this app and take his trip from there. None the less he did, and passed his info to our friends. 

OK, back to me. I have been more of an explorer who roams around and find things. What harm can a new app do to my phone! I have countless of them already!

So when I entered Vegas and checked in Planet Hollywood, was very determined that I won’t use any random travel app and would explore new casinos in my old traditional way. In fact, I didn't even remember that I had that downloaded this Vegaster app.

So after taking a power nap and getting all set to rock the Vegas, I started getting ready and damn! I forgot to bring my razor blades. Chronicles of last minute packing perhaps. It was then, it struck me about Vegaster Ground Support thing. I picked up my phone and checked if I could find those and voila! The Vegaster Ground Support was there to help! Within 2 hours I had real razors delivered! Not the cheap Free Hotel kind, real Gillette razors! I mean can you even imagine something happening like that? It was like a genie in the lamp! I just wish I would have forgotten some shoes too! I can always use new shoes.

I got dressed up in a jiffy as I couldn't afford to lose more time by staying inside a room when I was in a city like Vegas. It was like insulting this magnificent city. I started to walk the strip and realized I had some casino credit at Luxor! Taxi time, but where is the easiest place to go? Vegaster Find and Seek, sort for Taxi's and Bam! Even mapped me to the taxi stand! Now I'm 5 minutes away from getting my heater going! Better than the 25 minute walk!

After my Not-So-Hot streak, I stepped out to the Sunlight of Vegas! All suited up and there it was – MY LAS VEGAS! The city of dreams with every corner flooded with lights, fun and entertainment. I so envied people who lived there! Taxi time again, but instead of Vegaster, I used my own eye and followed the signs. Off to my truly hot spot– Golden Nugget on Fremont Street!  I Ate, Played and Drank! Yes, this is my spot. Walked out to find the Vegas night was getting going. Watched the Fremont Street Experience Show, all while I drank from a football shaped cup! OK, time to move on...let the roaming begin. Figured, lets see what this app can do for me now! 

So while having my final chilled beer at Four Queens, I started exploring the Vegaster app. I didn't know that across the street from my hotel was a great Country Bar Gilly's. They have 2 for 1 shots until driver get a move on! I arrive and its on! Show the beautiful waitress my check-in, and 2 for 1 is on its way! At this point my party of 1 is now a party of 6. Me and 5 Canadians! Boy, do they like to party!  They were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and invited me back to hit up Body English. I've never been so I said, meet you there at 11pm. Back to my hotel and the Vegas Night is about to begin.....

So as I was heading over to the Hard Rock, I was checking my Facebook and figure what does Vegaster do for me at night. Everything and more! Even gets me direct access to VIP Club Hosts! Met my new friends at the door and realized we all were going to be here awhile. Bingo, let's check out this Direct Connect to a Host. VIP Entry Line Passes or VIP Bottle Service Tables? I confirm with my team, and guest list it is! Add us on and within 4 minutes a host is ushering us right in! So long 1+ hour line! Before we know it the night has now become morning...time for bed!

Get to my hotel and see a blinking light on my room phone. I never check them, but for some reason I was inclined to. I have a package at the front desk? Ok, send it up! WOW, a Vegaster morning after kit with anti-hangover drinks and a couple of bottles of water! SWEET! Bottoms up! 

Vegaster really was as cool as Matt had said! Casinos, Bars, Razors, VIP Entry Passes and the perfect morning after kit! Yeah, this is an app that I won't soon forget! I can't wait for my next trip and thank to you guys, no more waiting for Vegas, now I'm living Vegas!