Getting Inked in Vegas: Smart Move or Dumb Decision?

There is a reason why some people have dubbed Las Vegas the “mistake capital of the world”. Some people wake up married, some with a random guest while others wake up with the more permanent mark of a tattoo.  Drunken mistake or planned part of your trip, getting a tattoo in Vegas is something to think about first.

While getting a tattoo in Vegas is nothing new, it was the debut of A&E’s “Inked” that got so many visitors suddenly interested in the idea. A reality show based around the Palms Casino tattoo parlor Hart & Huntington, “Inked” revolved around the dramatic lives of owner Carey Hart and his crew as they created body art on their eccentric and sometimes famous clientele.

“Inked” bit the dust after only two seasons and Carey’s parlor moved on to the Hard Rock Las Vegas.  It has since been replaced with “Bad Ink”, another A&E treat which gives a much better picture of what the result of a Vegas tattoo could really be. The premise here is two old guys and a lot of dumb idea tattoos and how they use their special talent to turn Bad Ink into fine art.

"You like it?"

"You like it?"

This is reality television though, with an emphasis on television. Reality or not, this stuff only shows us what they want us to see. The real reality is that getting a tattoo or even covering up an old one, should never be an on the spot decision.

That being said, there are a number of other reputable tattoo parlors on and off the strip that do a great job, at a reasonable price, if you absolutely must have a permanent remembrance of your foray into Las Vegas.

Just a few of my favorite things.

Just a few of my favorite things.

The party ‘til you drop free for all attitude that makes Vegas a sinful city also makes it a prime spot for dozens of super talented tattoo  artists to hang their ink pen.

Heritage Tattoo on E. Sunset Rd. is a decently priced tattoo parlor where you can get a one of a kind tattoo. Owner and artist Aaron Neiman can draw custom tattoos from scratch, ensuring that your Vegas memory is not being worn by anyone else. Heritage is reasonably priced, with a minimum of $60 for a small tattoo. For larger jobs expect to pay between $100 to $125 an hour.  Book your appointment on-line before making your trip to make sure that these guys even have the time to sit with you.

Another tattoo parlor that gets continuous rave reviews is Mrs. Rocket Tattoo on Charleston Ave. Maribeth Klarr is a talented artist and owner operator of this unique parlor. Encouraging clients to let her free form your tattoo, this is another shop where you can bet that your tattoo is going to be one of a kind. Contact her beforehand to set up an appointment and be prepared to be blown away by her talent showcased on your skin.

Pain  never looked so good!

Pain never looked so good!

There is no harm in getting inked in Vegas, so long as it is part of your plans. Like a new spouse, or an STD, a bad tattoo is not something you want as a keepsake from a Vegas stay. Vegaster can help you with the legwork into finding a parlor that fits your budget and your style so that you can go home with artwork that you are proud to show off.

Vegaster Tip: Pain is only temporary, good ink is for life.