First Time in Vegas 101: Vegaster Walks You Through the Basics

Even if you are from the Big Apple or the lavish LA, you haven’t seen bright lights, big city until you’ve stepped out onto the Las Vegas strip. For you Vegas virgins who are intimidated about your first trip… have no fear, Vegaster is here.

Where to Stay for Your First Time in Vegas

You might be under the impression that unless you are high rollin’, you’re stuck sleeping in some roach hotel or motel. This is far from the truth. Unless your first trip to Vegas is coinciding with some major event, you’ll have no trouble finding a cozy, clean bed at one of the top-notch hotels right on the strip. Check into New York New York, or the MGM Grand for a high class experience without the high cost.

MGM Grand Stay-Well double queen room

MGM Grand Stay-Well double queen room

Gambling Your First Time in Vegas

You can’t come to Vegas and not drop at least something in the casino, the trick is to not drop too much. Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose, and chances are you are going to. It’s the rare Vegas visitor who walks away from a casino with more in his pocket than what he walked in with. Keep that in the back of your mind, play what you want until you’re all out of chips, and then step outside and check out the rest of the city.

Be Flexible

Day and night, there are a TON of things to do in Vegas that you are not gonna wanna miss. Make a half-hearted try at an itinerary, but don’t carve anything in stone. Instead, roam the strip and stop where your heart desires. Make your way downtown and get a taste of the other side of Vegas. And check in with your Vegaster app often, for special offers, events, exclusives and deals that are happening in real time up, down and round Las Vegas. 

The World Famous Las Vegas Strip

The World Famous Las Vegas Strip

Vegas Virgin VIPs

If you have plans on going to a Vegas nightclub – which you should – make sure that you VIP and that you VIP right. Vegaster can hook you up with a VIP host that will guarantee you admission into the club, a table for you and your friends, and a waitress to keep your drinks full. This is by far the best way to experience a Vegas club, day or night, especially if it’s your first time out. Not into the "table" scene. No worries, find a great bar, beer pong or a 96-ounce souvenir beverage with just a couple of taps of the app.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Las Vegas has become the Mecca for food, where you can fill your belly’s desires for just about anything at anytime. Make sure that while you’re in town, you indulge in at least one fine dining venture at a celebrity chef restaurant as well as a foray into a Vegas buffet. If you are having trouble choosing, take at look at the Vegaster 7 to get the real skinny on what’s cookin’ in Vegas. 

Every option from No Shirt, No Shoes to Black Ties only

Every option from No Shirt, No Shoes to Black Ties only

Start a New Bucket List

You may have just knocked the Vegas trip off of your bucket list, but with so much still to see, you’re gonna’ want to start a new one. Track the stuff you didn’t have time for on your virgin Vegas voyage, so that you can better prepare for the next time around.