Drinking Cool In Las Vegas

There is a lot riding on the way you look and act when inside a Las Vegas nightclub. There are people to impress, numbers to collect and maybe even someone to take back to your VIP table. How well you rank on the scorecard starts with the way you are dressed, how you act and what kind of drink you are ordering.

For Your VIP Table

Class, class, class. In Vegas, cool is classy and that means drinks that only have one or two ingredients. A bottle of Makers or Jack with a big bucket of ice makes you and the guys look like serious VIPs. Jagerbombs? And you look like college frat boys. Even if you are a group of college frat boys, you don’t want to look like one.

Whiskey not your style?  You get the same cool effect if you are pouring 151, Patron or Stoli on top of rocks too. Your VIP waitress is going to be sweet and bring you olives, twists, cherries and what not to garnish your drink. That’s cool too, so long as you don’t make her run back and forth all night filling it back up.

Should you do champagne? Only if you have some girls at the table. A group of guys making toasts, even if it’s with Dom, just doesn’t look right. But when you call your VIP waitress over and order a bottle for the ladies, your cool-ometer just skyrocketed.

At The Bar

Bars in Vegas can get tricky with all of the mixology going on. To keep it cool and try some of the newer cocktail concoctions, ask your server or bartender what they recommend. Just don’t be so broad about it. You like vodka? Ask them for a great vodka drink off of their specialty menu. This not only avoids the umms and hmms as you look over the menu, it makes the bartender like you already. Chances are they will fix you what they consider the easiest Vodka drink they have, with a little extra for not making them have to start up the blender.

You will find dozens of watering holes for classic cocktails without any strange ingredients. Plenty of bars can oblige your desire for an ice cold draft both on the strip and on Fremont St. If you and your friends find yourselves somewhere like the Commonwealth, you have the opportunity to drink like you're back home, only with class. Still guys, leave the complicated concoctions to the girls and keep your drinks simple. Here it is even okay to do drafts and shots, so long as you don’t ask for a flaming kamikaze.

The trick to drinking cool in Vegas is to make it look as though that is not why you are there. Sure, we know what your main objective is but you don’t have to advertise it. You will have better luck reaching your drinking goal by not pissing off the guys and girls making your drinks. 

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