Downtown Vegas Offers You an Entirely Different Way to Play

The Vegas strip is bright and bawdy, but in a classy don’t spit in the street kind of way. But head north a few blocks to Fremont St. and… well don’t take your shoes off. If you’re the type that prefers beer over concocted cocktails and burgers over foie gras, than downtown Vegas is where you want to be.

What makes Downtown even more enticing is the number of small bars where you can try your hand at games of skill rather than luck. This is where pool tables stand in for VIP booths, and you can actually hear what the hottie is saying while she bends over to take her shot. When you’re ready for a completely different type of Vegas gaming, make your way downtown to one of these local favorites:

Insert Coins – Imagine taking your favorite video arcade from when you were a kid and adding alcohol and hot chicks. The guys at Insert Coins did, and then made it a reality. A square shaped bar takes over the center of the room leaving plenty of space along the walls for games. The old school arcade game list is impressive, and will take you back to when Pac Man was king. Plus, once you run out of quarters, you can just start dancing to the live music.

*Update: Insert Coins has Shuttered. We hope to see it return very soon!

Money Plays – Both local and touring bands give you something to tap your feet to while locals compete against the tourists at foosball, shuffleboard and darts. This is truly a Vegas gem serving up a wide variety of craft beer and cocktails. If you are feeling a bit home sick and need a reprieve from the glitz and glamour of the uptown club scene, Money Plays has just what you are looking for.

The Living Room at the Gold Spike Casino – Talk about your Vegas secrets, the Living Room has got to be one of the most comfortable places to just chill in Vegas. The Gold Spike Hotel did away with its slots and converted the space into one big game room. There are pool tables, Connect Four on the wall, shuffleboard and even Jenga. Of course there’s also a full bar, and plenty of cozy chairs and sofas to make you feel at home.

Shady Grove Lounge at the Silverton Casino – Set up to look like the inside of an Airstream trailer, the Shady Grove Lounge is one of the most unique hole in the walls in Vegas. The décor makes you feel like your partying at a campsite, albeit one with a mini bowling alley. That’s right you can knock down pins while knocking back Bud Lights, or try your hand at a game of pool. This is a cozy little spot off of the strip where you feel like everybody should know your name. Yes, this is not downtown, but a great spot off strip.

There are dozens of ways to play in Vegas if you know where to look, and luckily for you Vegaster does. When you’ve crapped out at craps and had your fair share of EDM for one week, head downtown and get in on a completely different gaming scene.

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