Desserts in the Desert: 5 Shops in Vegas That Will Make You Scream Loud For Ice Cream 

At some point when no one was looking, ice cream took on a life of its own. Where your choices used to be chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry with or without rainbow sprinkles, an ice cream menu today reads like a trip through Wonka’s candy factory. There are dozens of ice cream shops scattered on and off the strip that embrace this premise, but these 5 have all taken it a step further:

Serendipity 3 – Outside of Caesar’s Palace is a casual restaurant whose goal is gluttony. Appetizers and entrees are giant sized, but pack at least half to go to save room for your giant sundae. Roughly the size of soccer ball, sundaes stand out not just for being enormous but for their perfect pairings with cakes or cookies. Like the red velvet sundae, which heaps ice cream, hot fudge, and sprinkles on top of thick slices of moist red velvet cake.

Lappert’s Ice Cream – Part of a chain of ice cream parlors started in Hawaii in 1983, Lappert’s at the downtown California Hotel is where you go in Vegas when you want a rich cold treat. The draw here is the quality of the ice cream served, which is made with only top quality ingredients sourced from all over the world. If a smooth and creamy texture trumps hundreds of toppings for you, then Lappert’s will win your ice creaming loving heart hands down.

The Neapolitan – There is something sinful about sucking on an alcohol infused ice-pop while chilling poolside. This adult themed ice cream shop is next to the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, cooling off guests with a variety of shakes, sorbets and blended frozen drinks, all with an extra Vegas kick. Although not an ice cream shop in the traditional sense, the frozen treats at the Neapolitan will make you scream for an entirely different type of ice cream.

Ice Pan – Have you ever wondered how ice cream is made? The ice cream shop at Harrah’s quells your curiosity by making yours right in front of your eyes. Pick the milk, the flavor and the toppings, and in just a few minutes you will be getting brain freeze from the freshest ice cream in Vegas. You have your choice of traditional flavors and toppings, or seasonal treats like fresh pumpkin or pomegranate.

IcePan @ Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

IcePan @ Harrah's Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

BLVD Creamery – When you make your ice cream fresh every day, you have the chance to get really creative with your flavors, like pecan pie or cranberry sorbet. This walk up ice cream shop at the Monte Carlo serves by the cone, or sandwiched between donuts, cookies, waffles and brownies. The Vegas curve ball at the BLVD Creamery is the array of alcohol inspired flavors that are also available. This makes it easy to get the kids a cool treat, with an even cooler one for yourself.

Since the time we were toddlers, the familiar jingle of an ice cream truck caused severe salivating on a hot summer day. There may be no bells to call you, but you also don’t need to run down the street waving your dollar if you want unique and refreshing ice cream to turn down the heat on your sizzling trip to Vegas.