David Copperfield’s Dreams and Nightmares – The Most Mysterious Show on the Strip

You’ll find dozens of intriguing entertainers up and down the strip, but only one can point to their entry in the Guinness Book of World Records 11 times. David Copperfield is by far the most well known name in magic and illusions, and for good reason, this is the guy who made the Statue of Liberty disappear! And now he has brought his critically acclaimed Broadway show “Dreams and Nightmares” to the stage at the MGM Grand.

A class act, David Copperfield is an actual living legend who has grossed more money than any other solo act in history. In fact, Forbes has described him as being the most commercially successful magician in history. Yet, his onstage presence is friendly, warm and downright humble. Despite his show being spectacular, and his illusions awe inspiring, you get the feeling that he is just up there trying to have a good time.

Despite the bells and whistles that surround the name, the “Dreams and Nightmares” stage set is simple, without a ton of smoke blowing anywhere. David appears magically appears out of nowhere and begins his 90 minute spectacle with a grace and charm that does not come off when you see him on TV.

With a live audience to play to, the famed illusionist is a storyteller, weaving tales around each of the tricks he performs. He is always a lady’s man and a bit of a flirt, making more than a couple of women swoon during the show. In fact, it is a good idea to dress your best because with this show you never know who’s going to end up on stage. With the same mystery surrounding his entrance, the show suddenly ends with the magician’s disappearance and you and the rest of the audience are left feeling slightly bewildered, yet completely entertained.

A show that should not be missed, David Copperfield and his “Dreams and Nightmares” will be at the MGM until April 26th. You’ll oohh and you’ll aahh, and you might even laugh and that the end of it all you’ll get why he is the magician that all the others aspire to be.

 The Personal Side of David Copperfield

Over the years, David Copperfield’s offstage persona has grown to be just as mysterious as his on-stage one. His 6 year engagement to model Claudia Schiffer was shrouded in controversy and his current with Chloe Gosselin a complete mystery. Even the birth of their daughter was kept under the magician’s cloak until the child was over a year old.

He is the owner of a cluster of islands in the Bahamas -which serve as his private resort- and a private museum that caters to the magical world. There is not much he hasn’t accomplished over the span of his career, and there is little doubt that he still has a number of tricks hiding in his sleeves.

Don’t miss the chance to see the legend live on-stage. You may have seen him walk through walls on TV, but that is nothing compared to what he can do when standing on a stage at the MGM Grand.