Cracking the Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Imagine the scene; you and your pals get all guido-ed up, splash on some Polo, and hit the strip. The line for Drai’s is a half mile long, but who cares? This is Vegas baby, and those chicks getting by the red velvet ropes are smokin’! It’s finally your turn at the door and you are politely turned away. Yes, the bouncer will dismiss you with a smile. He’s been dismissing you in his mind since he first spotted your pointy ass shoes ten people back.

The Vegas Nightclub Dress Code For Guys

Guys lament that their cojones are already in a sling when it comes to getting into high end Vegas clubs like Drai’s or Hakkasan. That may be true, but if they could just remember 3 golden rules, and a few don’t ever- wears, a half hour wait in line will never be a waste:

  1. Stay away from sloppy – This is hard for some guys who don’t realize that sloppy makes up 95% of their wardrobe. Baggy pants and shirts are out, unless it’s a throwback to the ‘90’s night. Keep it sleek and stylish with pants that fit and a shirt that is fitted. Dark jeans without holes or dress slacks are cool, with a button down shirt or sharp T-shirt and jacket.
  2. Stick to neutral colors – That bright red shirt is going to get you noticed, but not in a good way. Shades of gray, black and even white in quality fabrics do not scream tacky and get you noticed in the right way.
  3. Your shoes make a difference – The Vegas bouncer’s once over (yes you only get one shot) starts at the shoe and works its way up. Wear work boots, sandals, flip flops or Converse, and that once over will end at your ankles. High quality leather shoes with a round toe and no laces are the shoe in to a club like Tao.

If all else fails, go with the well tailored suit, button down shirt and no tie. So long as you don’t look you just stepped out of the Brooks Brothers billboard the bouncer won’t diss.

The Vegas Nightclub Dress Code For the Ladies

So we fibbed a bit. The ladies do have it easier when it comes to getting into a club like the Marquee or the new Omnia. Vegas at night is drunk on bawdy and bling with a healthy dose of sex appeal. So long as it’s short, tight and cut low in the front, the red velvet will always open. And don’t forget the heels ladies. There is no room for practical when you are planning to party at Hyde. 

It is as much about what your wear as who you know in Vegas. If you really want to secure a spot inside Tao, use your Vegaster app to get the hook up for VIP bottle service. This will not only open the red velvet rope for you, a hot hostess will walk you to your table. Or give a shout out to Vegaster Ground Support and let us shop for your right nightclub spot. Either way, we’ve got your back when it comes to cracking that code.