Check Out the Vegas Show That Hits Everyone in Their V - Spot

Every night in Vegas the stage lights up at the V Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops as magic acts, acrobats and jugglers strut their jaw-dropping stuff. V is the Ultimate Variety Show, bringing you back to a time when raw talent was still impressive.

The cast of V is a compilation of over 14 distinct acts, rotated nightly to make each show entirely unique.  These acts include – drum roll please –

§      The World’s Fastest Juggler – Wally Eastwood!

Since the ripe old age of 7, Wally has been honing his fast hands. Born into a family of trapeze artists, he decided early on that getting hit in the head with a bowling pin was less painful then a 5 story fall. One of the most respected circus style acts in the world, Wally’s interactive juggling act always impresses.

§      Stand-up Comedians – The Crazy Gauchos!

Originating out of Argentina, the Crazy Gauchos is a two man take on the Latino cowboy culture. With the use of compelling music and some fancy footwork, these guys take the classic cowboy image of sitting around the fire and make it a hilarious event.

§      The First Lady of Magic – Melinda!

After a long break from showbiz, Melinda Saxe is back and on top of her magical game. A Vegas household name of the ‘90’s, Melinda has completely modernized her magical talents and can perform feats that rival all the guys.

§      Skating Daredevil Duo – The Skating Aratas!

Yes they are married, making this acrobatic skating routine all the more intimate. On a small platform, the duo defies gravity and logic with a breath taking skate show. Jenny and Victor Arata are living, talented proof that couples who play together stay together.

§      Hand Balancers – Louri and Gabor!

For over 10 years, this duo has shocked audiences with their rare ability to successfully use only their hands to stay afloat over a number of treacherous contraptions, including each other. 

§      Prop Comedian – Russ Merlin!

Using physical prop comedy, a little stunt work and a little more magic, Long Island native Russ Merlin is so funny that even the Queen of England has invited him over. One of the most sought after entertainers in the world, Merlin is a hoot every time he gets on stage.

§      Rhythmic Gymnast – Tamara Yerofeeva!

Olympic competitor Tamara Yerofeeva is beautiful to watch for a dozen of reasons. Pushing the sport of gymnastics to a perfect art form, Tamara is a real treat on the eyes.

§      Contortionist – Turf!

This America’s Got Talent alumni uses racy hip hop beats to move his body in ways that not even Gumby can. Consider this fair warning though, don’t try his mind boggling moves at home.

§      Ambassadors of Physical Comedy – The Quiddlers!

The Quiddlers take their vaudeville act very seriously, but you wouldn’t know it watching them perform. Watching them, you are instantly reminded of the Three Stooges and their unforgettable brand of extreme humor.

§      Extreme Parrot Trainer – Clint Carvalho!

With his talented parrots at his side, Clint brings one of the most unique acts to Las Vegas. With his encouragement watch the birds perform tricks and incredible feats of intelligence that rival that of many humans we know.

You won’t be bored for one second during V – The Ultimate Variety Show. This show has in one pinky more inexplicable talent than most of us have in our whole body.