I visit Las Vegas several times each year and it seems like every time I visit there is always something new to explore or take in! During my most recent visit in late Summer, I decided to try out some new restaurants that I have heard a lot about and also take in at least one sight on The Las Vegas Strip that I haven’t really had the time to see. Keep in mind, I consider myself a “Las Vegas Aficionado” but you’ll soon read that even this self proclaimed Las Vegas fanatic hasn't seen it all. You’ll also see that the Vegaster app has so much more to offer than just casinos, clubs and gambling!

My plan during this business trip (I usually travel with my wife, but she decided to skip this one) was to dine in at least one high end restaurant and then hit some Highly Reviewed restaurants for dinner. That is one of the greatest things about Las Vegas – there are amazing food and dining options for any budget and you don’t have to always settle for the casino buffet (although Wicked Spoon at Cosmo or Rio World Buffet are pretty amazing). My first dinner would result in my highest cost dinner of the trip, but it was absolutely worth each penny paid. Plus, I ultimately didn't spend what I believed I was going to, so it was already a big win in Vegas!

For dinner, my first night in Las Vegas, I decided to try the Gordon Ramsay Steak located in the Paris Hotel. I've heard a lot about this place since it opened a few years back and now was my chance to see if the hype was real. The Vegaster reservation tool made it really easy to book and eat! The reviews on this place were fantastic! Great Tip: Try the Shellfish Platter if you love seafood! Absolutely Amazing! Gordon Ramsay Steak has a great cozy feel with a spacious lounge area and over-sized booths. After the unbelievable and huge appetizer I jumped right into the Alaskan King Crab Legs. Fresh is an understatement! I felt like I was on a boat in Alaska catching my own King Crabs. Portions were exactly what the doctor ordered. Washed down my dinner with some great specialty cocktails. Loved the English Side Car As much as I wanted dessert, simply no room. 5 Stars, Tip Top service and perfectly prepared food! Well worth every dime spent!

Looking to hit a cool spot for lunch so I checked out the Find & Seek on Vegaster. Found a nice spot right next to my business conference. Award winning Public House located at The Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian. I've heard a lot about this restaurant since it has opened in 2011 and I always wanted to give it a try. The Public House’s motto is “United We Stand. Pint in Hand!” and it is obvious that this may be the best spot in Las Vegas for a beer! Public House has over 200 types of beer available and the environment is remarkable. Believe it or not, but the beer and drink menu took me over 5 minutes just to read. I honestly felt like I was transported to one of the most friendly and accommodating higher end pubs on earth. The bar is whimsical and the beer delivery system absolutely should be checked out. The food at Public House is also amazing and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Public House the next time you visit Las Vegas and I can guarantee that you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a fantastic memory of a great dining experience!

I wound up at China Poblano for dinner and was again amazed at the food offerings of Las Vegas. China Poblano is located in The Cosmopolitan and is headed by José Andrés who was named the Outstanding Chef of the Year in 2011 by The James Beard Foundation, along with being named one of the Top 100 most influential people of the year in 2012 by Time Magazine. That alone is impressive and I didn't even eat anything! The menu offers both Mexican and Chinese options and I couldn't decide on just one so I asked the server for input on what was the most popular. I was amazed by the food here, and after eating both a Mexican and Chinese dish, I can say that China Poblano delivered the best Mexican AND Chinese food I have eaten in a very long time.

After my dinner at China Poblano I decided to roam the strip and find something I haven't seen. Looked up the Trending Hot Spots on Vegaster and the Fountains at Bellagio were just a few steps away. I realize I call myself a “Las Vegas Aficionado” above but I have never taken in the Bellagio Fountains. My wife and I always thought that they would be a waste of time when there is so many other things to do. Well, I admit it, I was wrong. The Vegaster app not only told me how to get there, also told me about them, and what time the shows begin. The Fountains are absolutely stunning and almost hypnotic. I watched for almost 20 minutes after realizing that I was the guy that I thought I would never be. The next visit to Las Vegas will absolutely include my wife and I in front of the Bellagio Fountains. The Vegaster app really helped bring some little things to my trip that I may or may not have ever seen.