Beware… The Bachelorettes Have Embarked on Vegas

It’s no surprise that Sin City has become the spot for a girl to get her last licks in before tying the night. Bachelorette parties in Vegas are a big deal, with dozens of places and events that are designed with the female (on a mission) in mind. If a Vegas bachelorette party will make saying “I do” that much easier, then you need to start formulating your plan for the “last hoorah” night of your life.




And of course the girls. You can’t forget to invite that bevy of besties to come along. Start with the bridal party of course (sans flower girls) and then anyone else who you know will make those last few hours of single-dom un-friggin’-forgettable.

Now on to the party….

First stop, Stripper 101 in the Miracle Mile Shops. This is your warm-up to the hot night ahead. Stripper 101 gives you and the girls one hour to learn how to mount that pole like a pro. Planet Hollywood takes your lessons very seriously, putting you on stage at their V Theater. But no worries, they won’t sell tickets to your debut as “Cherry Bride”.

Book your Stripper 101 Party right on the Vegaster App

Book your Stripper 101 Party right on the Vegaster App

Now it’s time to watch the guys dance, and here you have 2 sexy choices. You can stay put at the PH for Aussie Hunks, or head over to Thunder From Down Under. Both shows feature buff boys from Australia, but with a different beat to shake their booties to.

Aussie Hunks features eight male dancers who pop, lock, and break to a dynamic hip hop beat. This 75 minute show is guaranteed to get all the girl’s heart rates up. Thunder From Down Under has been delighting the dames for years at the Excalibur with its array of scantily clad Aussies strutting their stuff to a variety of music. The show is kept fresh by constantly updating the music and routines.

Now that you’ve all learned how to dance, and gotten to see some guys in action, it’s time to put your skills to work. The best clubs for bachelorettes are classy, and not so huge that you all get lost inside.

Either Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio or Drai’s at the Cromwell are ideal settings for bachelorettes on the prowl for a good time. Hyde is an intimate venue overlooking the fountains where your VIP bachelorette table will give you direct access to the dance floor where all eyes are now on you. Or you can see overlook all of Vegas from the roof of the Cromwell. Drai’s is pure class, with a line-up of top rated DJs on hand to fuel your feline frenzies. With both clubs, you and your bachelorette entourage will end your night on a super high note.

Remember, Vegaster is always just a click away if you need help with the logistics of your Vegas bachelorette party. We’ve got you covered with venue ideas, transportation, and exclusive deals to make your last fling a blast.

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