I needed to plan the best Vegas bachelorette party for one of my best friends Sara. We've had a ton of crazy Las Vegas girl trips before, but this particular trip needed to be epic: VIP Bottle Service, VIP Table on the dance floor, no waiting in lines, nightclubs with the perfect sophisticated crowd. Being a girl, we would normally leave it to chance and just hope for the best when we get to the velvet ropes.  This time, I needed to actually plan this event since we had 15 girls flying in from all over the country and being disorganized was not an option. 

The Vegaster app made it really easy for me to get our weekend planned just a few days in advance. I was able to see what VIP Bottle Service Tables and Cabana were available on my phone and contact an actual host ! BTW, Chad Solis, a man of many talents! Everyone in Vegas likes to claim they have connections, but when the night comes, they don’t follow through with their promises. Chad was truly the man. He really took care of us and we never had to wait in a line or for him to answer his phone. Every time I reached out to him through the Vegaster app, he responded within minutes!

Day 1...Pool Time! Since everyone was arriving at different times I planned for us to meet at a Top Rated Pool Party. Marquee Dayclub was that. I check the Vegaster app the morning of and found a perfect Cabana right next to the water! Booked it in just 3 simple clicks! Shared the Reservations with a really cool feature called "All Sync'd". Everyone now knew we had a Daybed at Marquee and it was ready at 11am. Nobody was going to miss this, especially on day 1! Ordered a few pitchers of fruity lemonade to get the day party started! We wanted to pace ourselves since we had a full two nights ahead of us, but boy is it hard when DJ Vice is on the decks. Ladies, a word of advice, have a water or two throughout the day.  Of course we had groups of guys asking us to party with them that night, but nobody seemed to really have plans. A whole bunch of, "Gimme a call and we can hook-up". No thanks, this is a girls trip!  Back to the room, which thanks again Vegaster, after many pitchers of this amazing fruity concoction, I really didn't know how to get back to my hotel. They gave me walking directions right from my location to my room. Perfect since I need to walk!

As we ate an amazing dinner at Il Mulino at Caesars Palace, I reached out to a friend of a friend about XS at Wynn. Sweet, he knows a guy who is a host. After 45 minutes of texting back and forth, we finally have a table.  Get to the door..."Sorry Ladies, you are going to have to wait in that line". WHAT!?!?! Turns out this "buddy" doesn't even work at XS. Great, buzzkill! Back to Vegaster, and WOW! Found a VIP Bottle Service Table, 2nd Tier right in our budget!  XS Friday Night with Calvin Harris...CHECK! Same thing, booked the table and within 2 minutes my host was asking where I was! I pushed to the front, and since I saw his picture on the app I knew who I was looking for. Flagged him down, and we are on our way! The line to enter was insane, but my group was extremely happy that I had a real contact, not a buddy! This place was packed! Turns out our host went to College down the road from my sister! Love Connection, not quite, but was a really nice guy.

Our Table was perfect. Comfy booth seating, a hot server that poured us our Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry, and being able to dance and rest our stiletto heeled feet when we wanted to was priceless. We even got one bottle for free since we booked through Vegaster!.  The partial open air concept of XS helped keep us cool too. Sara really enjoyed the night since she was the center of attention and the hot guys at the table next to us kept the drinks coming after we polished off ours. 

The morning after was rough! Nothing like 15 girls watching the sun rise after a day of fun!

Saturday Night is about to go down! We went to the newest club on the Strip, Hakkasan, since Steve Aoki was DJ-ing and the bachelorette is a huge fan of his. Maybe the best surprise of the weekend!  That club was insane! Multi-leveled and littered with celebrities everywhere, Hakkasan was the place to be seen. I don’t remember much after we got walked in; it was that good. After a few rounds of Patron shots, we hit the dance floor and half the girls were nowhere to found, but we all managed to find each other later that night at our table. 

Not a moment was wasted stressing about what time to go to the club, where to go, or waiting in a two hour line. I managed to pack our itinerary with nothing but fun so there was no tears, fights, or drama. Vegaster really was a party saver. Thank You Mysterious App Host, VIP Bottle Service, help me back to my room app.....