How to Arrange Sleeping, Eating and Getting Around in Vegas When Planning for a Big Group 

Vegas for one or even two is cool, but throw a group together and you’re rocking with your own personal party. The logistics of finding beds, grub, and cars will take a bit of work when you are planning for a big group, but that’s what you have Vegaster for. Duh, Live Chat!

Finding Beds

There are two ways you can make sure that each person in your group has somewhere to sleep. You could book multiple rooms on the same floor of the same hotel, which means you have to call around for that type of availability. If you plan on doing any partying in the rooms, you don’t want to have strays who need to figure out how to press the elevator to get back to their suite.

Your other option is to just book a suite big enough to house the whole group. Almost all of the big hotels have rooms that have enough space for your small army, but most will come at a large price. Then there is the little known boutique hotel – Hotel 32 – located on the top floor of the Monte Carlo. This is a budget friendly option that may not have the big name restaurants and clubs an elevator ride way, but with its central location on the strip, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to party outside of the large penthouse suite

Hotel 32 @ Monte Carlo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Hotel 32 @ Monte Carlo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Finding Grub

You know that eye roll you get when you say “party of 16” as you step inside a restaurant? Well, that doesn’t happen in Vegas. In fact, many restaurants even offer private dining for groups of 8 or more. At STK for example, you can get private dining for 16 or more people, and even make it easier by offering scaled down menus at fixed prices. This allows your group to chill and talk, instead of spending most of the time dealing with the wait staff. For large groups to dine together, this is the best way to go that won’t piss off your waiter. Plus, no more "hey I need another $20 from everybody". Set prices help the bill issues out!

STK on the 3rd Floor of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

STK on the 3rd Floor of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Finding Cars

Depending on just how big a party we are talking will have a say in the type of vehicle you all use to get around Vegas in. Of course you can do the limo thing- yawn – or find a van that seats 12. Or… you can just party on the bus as you make your way from club to club. Party buses can be seen all over Vegas, and can provide you with all types of specialty perks while you are being shuttled in style all over Vegas. These are usually roomy enough to fit 38 of your nearest and dearest, and still leave room for the wet bar.

Never let the Vegas Party stop!

Never let the Vegas Party stop!

Once you get all the logistics worked out, Vegas will be a blast for your whole group. Just remember to use your Vegaster app to all get “All Sync’d” so that each person is getting the same reminders and alerts as you are. This will make sure that everyone loads up on the bus on time to get you that VIP club access you worked so hard for.

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