Are You Too Manly For a Las Vegas Spa Treatment?

The big hotels and casinos have been sinking a lot of money into finding ways to entertain while the sun’s up. First came theme parks and mob museums, then they started with the pool parties and now the Vegas day life is all about the size of your spa. With pool season closed and cold weather drying out your skin, is it time to try a Vegas spa treatment.

Spa treatments are not just for girls anymore. Guys like to be pampered too, especially in a luxe setting. So the burning questions remains men – are you ready to spa?

Getting spa-licious for guys in Vegas first entails finding the right one. All of the big name hotels have their own spa set-up, but for the guys the best choice is at the Bellagio if you want to leave with your manhood intact. There are more luxurious like the Canyon Ranch Spa but with dark wood tones and granite décor, the Bellagio’s spa is just more… man-appealing.

The first part of the Bellagio spa that catches the guy’s eye is the massive gym that looks out over the pool. All of your necessary gear is here, and a bamboo floored room for kickboxing. You can book personal trainers and get buff with some help or feel free to freestyle your workout using the available equipment.

Now that you’ve got your blood pumping it’s time to wind it down. First off, for guys who are not in the know should know that spas have menus, even at the Bellagio. You are going to be handed a book that has girly girl words like aromatherapy and aquastretch. Don’t let them scare you off. Once you get past the fancy words it’s just a lot of talk about facials, body peels and massages.

Just ask about the Athlete’s massage. That is, if you are one. This is a hot stone massage that works all of the muscles followed by a special gel that is applied to soothe sore tissue. There is no mistaking that this is a massage meant for a man.

But don’t dismiss all that girly sounding stuff just yet. Facials, exfoliates and skin wraps do wonders for both gals and guys. There is nothing wrong with laying back and having a skin peel lathered onto your face.

The Bellagio also has special treatments that focus on the use of water, hand and feet massage and even a detox if you enjoyed Vegas a bit too much the night before. The staff is going to be thrilled to walk you through all the stuff they have going on to find the spa treatment that will strip you of your stress but not of your dignity.

Take the spa plunge the next time your in Vegas and figure out for yourself what all the hype is about. Be forewarned that the pleasures offered are addicting, making it likely you’ll be going back for more.