Limo's, Busses & Cabs: An Insiders Guide to Getting Around Vegas

With all the day and nightclub planning, plus hotel reservations and picking those must try bars on Fremont St., how you and your group plan on getting around Vegas can easily get overlooked. While it may seem like everything you want to do is just a quick walk down the strip, looks are deceiving and sin city a lot larger than you think. From the airport and back and all your travels in between, here’s the unofficial low-down on how to get into and around Vegas.

Your Arrival

The majority of visitors to Vegas get here by plane, leaving them off at the McCarran International Airport. The airport is easy to navigate through with clear directions on how to get to baggage claim and then on your way to fun and frolic. Only one mile from the south end of the strip, you are going to find a long line of travel options outside of the airport. Your best bet is your hotel shuttles found at the north and west sides of baggage claim. These will bring you to the lobby for about $5. You can also chance a $1.25 bus ride which can be found on the ground level of the airport or spring for the $15 cab ride. Taxis will be lined up on the east side of baggage claim, outside exit doors one through five.

Vegaster Tip: Check out these Approximate fare rates from the Nevada Taxi Authority.

Taxis are everywhere!

Taxis are everywhere!

Should You Rent?

Unless you plan on doing a lot of traveling out of the city limits, there is no good reason why you should waste your money on a rental car. Vegas drivers are known to be aggressive, and unless you know your way around its easy to get lost. Save the rental for the day trip to the green and shuttle around the city streets in style.

Limo Service

You don’t need a limo to get from casino to casino, but you will want to book one for your night time excursions. You will be particularly thankful for this advice as you and your friends are struggling to remember the name of your hotel at 3 o’clock in the morning. The bottom line is you don’t want to get stuck anywhere in Vegas late at night without a definite plan on getting safely back to your hotel.

Vegaster Tip: Book your Limo transportation right from the app and ALWAYS have a safe ride back.

Vegaster can set up your party on wheels!

Vegaster can set up your party on wheels!

Put Your Party on Wheels

The party bus is a perfect solution for getting around Vegas when you are traveling with a large crowd. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, wedding parties and even convention guests all use the party bus as the ultimate way to get around Vegas and have a great time doing it. Don’t expect the typical yellow school bus or even a hyped up greyhound to pull up to the hotel. The party bus is a nightclub on wheels complete with neon lights and stripper poles

You Catch a Cab?

Cabs in Vegas are cool if you are traveling with a smaller group. Just remember not to depend on them if you are planning on a late return to the hotel. Cabs in Vegas are not hailed, you have to wait in line, usually in front of a hotel. This can be annoying when you are trying to catch at least a couple of hours sleep before the dayclub opens. Check the Vegaster Find Everything to get you the most direct route to the nearest taxi stand.

Vegaster Tip: You CANNNOT get a taxi on the strip, you must get a taxi at a Hotel or Casino.

Vegaster Tip: You CANNNOT get a taxi on the strip, you must get a taxi at a Hotel or Casino.

Footing It

It may not seem like it, but the strip is 4 miles long, and Fremont St. a lot further away then you may think. Save the walking for bar hopping and use a cab or limo to get you around town. There is also a monorail service to use that runs from the MGM all the way to the SLS in just 14 minutes, plus other smaller trams that exist between different hotels. This is a fine option for Vegas ballin’ on a budget.

Trust us, this is a great, simple, fast ride from 1 end of the strip to another!

Trust us, this is a great, simple, fast ride from 1 end of the strip to another!

Oh Yeah....UBER & Lyft! "Nought Said!

When planning your vacation to Vegas don’ take getting around for granted. If you want a trip completely free of non-alcohol induced headaches, fix your travel arrangements in advance. Vegaster can help you book your limos and party buses ahead of time, or even on the fly, to make sure that they are ready and waiting when you are ready to roll.