Adrenaline Activity Pick – 702 Range

Shooting craps is not the only thrill in Vegas anymore. Adventure seekers can also work out their trigger finger at 702 Range, the largest indoor shooting range in the city. If you’re trying to fill a slot in your Vegas itinerary with a completely unique experience you’ll get that here.

You can find 702 Range just off of the strip, but no worries, they also provide free shuttle service to and from the facility. Once inside you will be greeted by a total of 16 shooting lanes to choose from, four of which are designed to provide a VIP experience. It is there where you get to shoot off rounds from the powerful weapon of your choice.

Welcome To The 702 Range Las Vegas

Welcome To The 702 Range Las Vegas

Shooting Classes

If you’ve never had the thrill of shooting an armed weapon before, you can get hands on training right inside of the facility. 702 Range has beginner courses available that can give you a rundown on how to safely handle and shoot a firearm.

Rifle Shooting in VIP Style

Both small and large parties can be accommodated in style in the special VIP area at 702 Range. With a suite large enough to fit 40 people comfortably, this has become a popular bachelor party weekend destination. Leather couches are laid out for your comfort where you can choose to watch the game on one of 3 large TVs, or watch outside as your buddies take turns at the trigger.

Choose Your Weapon

There is an array of weaponry to choose from at 702 Range that includes automatic and semi-automatic rifles and handguns. You can shoot like a soldier for one round, and in the next go gangster with a pistol. The armory is included in the price of the package you choose, but you always have the option of adding more bullets if your trigger finger is getting too happy.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Each shooting lane is 25 yards long, with targets provided to help you gauge your shot. Newbies can get help from a trained professional if not yet comfortable with holding a loaded weapon, while seasoned pros will be left to their own devices. This balance of firearm education and professionalism makes this an ideal shooting range for larger groups with people of varying degree in fireman knowledge.

Vegaster has figured out plenty of exciting ways to fill up your Vegas days so that every second of your trip is a memorable one. If target shooting is part of your Vegas bucket list, then we can help arrange a package that gives you everything you want and more.