A Winter Trip to Vegas: What Should You Pack?

Gear to bring to Vegas in the summer is a no brainer. Club clothes – Check. Bathing suit – Check. Golf shorts – check. Alrighty, good to go. Winter is not so easy. Las Vegas can get cold… and your day trips are going to be a bit different. If you are flying into Vegas after Turkey Day and before the Easter Bunny starts hopping you are going to want to recheck your bags.

Start off by keeping a running list of things you think you may need on your trip. Also make a list by day, I have seen a lot of sorry souls in my time having to resort to wearing the same outfit out to a club because they forgot they were going to do that twice on their trip. So if Friday is Light Night and Sunday is LiFE, a list by day will make sure you have enough nice clothes with you for both.

The Bits and Pieces

Think about things like gum, chap stick, breath mints. These should be part of some clubs dress attire. There is no bigger turnoff then smelling the garlic chicken that that guy just had for dinner.

This is also where you want to add your toiletries. Start from the head and work your way down. Shampoos, conditioners, styling stuff. Face wash stuff, body wash. Ladies bring your nail polish for touch-ups along with your make-up of course. Keep it as simple as possible with just that stuff you absolutely cannot live without. The face mask can wait ‘til you get home. Or you can just get a facial at the spa. Vegaster Tip: Yeah, we have spas!

Don’t forget other essentials like your phone charger. You don’t want to be without access to your Vegaster app when you need directions to get downtown.


So far there is not much difference in what you are bringing, minus the bottle of sun lotion. Clothes are a different story. Problem with Vegas in the winter is that while it’s cold outside it’s still hot inside, especially inside of a crowded club. This means some serious planning ahead. Get the hook up for a VIP table so you don’t have to wait outside in the cold, and take a limo from the hotel. Bet you thought we were going to start talking sweaters and jackets here. No, there’s room for that nonsense when you are going to a Vegas club.

Cat and Cash are required!

Cat and Cash are required!

You will however want to pack a light jacket and sweaters for your other Vegas ventures. You can even bar hop down on Fremont St. with blazers and sports jackets. Those combined with the hot air in the bars and the alcohol will keep you feeling toasty. 

This is a real forecast ... from sometime when it was cold.

This is a real forecast...from sometime when it was cold.

Ladies pack some tights to wear with your skirts and dresses and add some glam with rhinestones or patterns. Just make sure that you pack cozy shoes for the bar hopping nights. Vegas only seems small because everything inside of it is monster sized.  Once you start walking around you start to feel just how big the city really is.

Other winter Vegas hot spots like the restaurants and shows will have a coat check if you really need it. Just be prepared to wait on line after the show to pick yours up.

Besides the jacket and sweater thing, and no need for a Speedo, there is not much of a difference what to pack in the winter. And shoot, if you do forget something, just let Vegaster Ground Support know and they’ll have it brought to your room.