5 Rounds of Posh – A Side by Side View of The Cromwell and SLS Hotels

5 Rounds of Posh – A Side by Side View of The Cromwell and SLS Hotels

2014 brought 2 new names to the Vegas block, both with very different characters to set them apart. The first to open was the Cromwell, Vegas’ first boutique hotel, on the site where Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon was sat. The SLS is where the infamous Sahara used to be, and opened last August amidst a whirlwind of excitement and fanfare. Both are still in their infancy but have each already made a mark on the Las Vegas experience.

Round 1: Step into the Lobby

Bound at the Cromwell

Plush gold sets the tone for the Cromwell’s Bound, an elegant bar that is right next to check-in. You might never make it to your room once you get that first taste of a cocktail crafted by Salvatore Calabrese. A world renowned mixologist and an intimate atmosphere? Beating Bound is not going to be an easy feat.

Monkey Bar at SLS

Also right next to the registration, Monkey Bar gets right to business with lines of tables running down the center. The warm brown leather gives an air of sophistication that summons images of private gentlemen’s clubs. Take your drink and step into the open courtyard or get laid back inside to the sounds of live piano performances.

Knocked Out? – SLS for sure. While warm and cozy, the Martinis at Bound are going to make you feel even warmer and cozier.

Monkey Bar Las Vegaster App Travel.jpg

Round 2: Celebrity Restaurants

Giada at the Cromwell

The Italian food sorceress has opened her first restaurant in Vegas and so far so good. Just like Giada De Laurentis, the décor is un-mistakenly feminine, but with a killer view of the strip. The menu is heavy in home style cuisine including a one of a kind antipasto bar.

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres at the SLS

The SLS’s celebrity restaurant is a sharp contrast to Giada, which makes sense with a menu that centers around all things meat. There are not too many menus where you are going to find a whole suckling pig on the same page as caviar.

Knocked Out? – The lovely Giada. Although the décor is to die for, the menu at the SLS restaurant is too unique to pass up.

Round 3: Rooms With a View

Deluxe King at the Cromwell

Decadent with a Parisian flair, the 360 square foot space offers a pillow top king sized bed surrounded by trunk-style furnishings. Splay out on a luxurious leather couch and check out that incredible view of the Vegas skyline. Depending on when, prices can start at $120 a night.

World Superior King at SLS

Doing a complete 180, the King rooms at the SLS are bright and airy with the window acting as the headboard for the bed. With plush seating and a separate work desk this 360 square foot room has all you need for a Vegas vacation. Amazingly, you can nab this room for as low as $67 depending on when you drop by.

Knocked Out? – The Cromwell. Even though the view is off the chain, you can’t beat luxury for under 75 bucks a night.

Round 4: The Party at Night

Drai’s at the Cromwell

11 stories into the sky, Drai’s nightclub is located on the rooftop of the hotel and stretches out into the pool area. A first of its kind, this unique 2 story club not only looks out longingly over the strip, it offers state of the art theatrics in both sights and sounds.

Foxtail & The Foundary

Also connected to a rooftop pool, the Foundary is only one of 3 nightlife venues located inside of the SLS, but by far the one that is drawing the most entertainment. This is a mega 20,000 square foot venue where the swinging and flying acrobats practically steal the show. Amazing acoustics and arrangement provide a live venue like no other

Knocked Out? SLS. While it’s swank and energetic, there is not much about the Foundary that hasn’t been seen before, where the Cromwell went out on a ledge and put their club on the roof.

Round 5: The Las Vegas Pool Party

Drai’s Beach Club at the Cromwell

The nightclub at Drai’s doubles as its beach club, making partying on the roof a 24-7 activity. Pink, yellow and white seating surrounds the pool and luxe VIP cabanas await in the wings of this sophisticated day club in the sky.

Foxtail at SLS

Getting ready for the 2016 Las Vegas pool party scene, Foxtail Pool is party pool  based on live entertainment. Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, T-Pain & Ja Rule are a few acts to see in the sun at the SLS. Great partying is promised to take place here.

Knocked Out? This round is a TKO for Drai’s, only because SLS and Foxtail pool haven’t had the chance to strut their summer live entertainment yet.

Blow by blow, both of these luxury hotels pack on the posh in distinct ways. Spend some time in both and see for yourself how each manages to cater to all of your Vegas needs, in ways that have never been done before.