6 Rounds of Punches – A Side by Side Glance at the Palms and the Hard Rock

Both the Palms Hotel and the Hard Rock have reputations for being all-around party hotels in Vegas. If you’re looking for the Vegas weekend where your room is always an elevator trip away, check out which one will be better at meeting all your Vegas desires.

Round 1: High End Grub

Palms N9NE - hailing from Chicago, N9NE is an upscale steakhouse featuring Kobe burgers, aged steaks and lobster mashed potatoes.  Operated by celebrity chef Barry S. Dakake, N9NE is a ten when it comes to a decadent dinner.

HRH 35 Steaks + Martinis – The name gets straight to the point - mouthwatering slabs of beef and a drink menu to die for. They do the fancy shmancy, topping off a perfectly good rib eye with foie gras but a guy can still get a plain old juicy steak if he wants one.

And the Win Goes to the Palms: Nothing wrong with the food at either joint, but the N9NE menu takes some delicious risks.

Round 2: After – Hours Grub

Palms 24 Seven Café – From eggs to Chinese food and everything in between, the café inside of the Palms has it all, and all the time. This is the spot to stop for your pre-hangover meal before hitting the sheets.

HRH Mr. Lucky’s – You will feel lucky to have this energetic diner to turn to after a long night out. Whether your stop a hangover food is bacon and eggs or a pastrami on rye, Lucky’s will have you covered day and night.

And the Win Goes to HRH: Only because the atmosphere in the middle of the night is still rockin’ on.

Round 3: Suites in the $150 a Night Range

Palms Salon Suite – King sized bed, Jacuzzi bath and a fully stocked wet bar, the salon suite has all that you need to get ready to go out and all that you want when you’re done for the night. Located inside of the Fantasy tower you’ll find plenty of comfy spots for up to 4 people.

HRH Pool King Suite – A view of the pool to keep you motivated during the day, and black out curtains for to help sleep off the night, the King Suite in set up to sleep 4. No Jacuzzi, but the luxurious oversized bathroom and shower make up for it.

And the Win Goes to the Palms: Because if you’re gonna’ VIP in Vegas it should be from a Jacuzzi.

Round 4: Lounging With Libations

Palms Ghostbar –  Ghostbar grabs its spot on the 55th floor of the Palms, offering an incredible view of the strip from the floor to ceiling windows or the spacious patio area. Step inside to grab a quick drink and you may feel compelled to chill out and spend the night.

HRH Luxe Bar – Inside of the newer All-Suite Tower, Luxe Bar offers a deep dark atmosphere to help you get your party hat on before heading out to party.

And the Win Goes to the Palms: Because you can’t friggin’ get enough of that view.

Round 5: Night Club Scene

Palms Ghostbar Nightclub – Located on the rooftop of the tower, Ghostbar is a dark and sultry way to spend a Vegas evening. A view to the moon will let the wild werewolf in all of us out.   

HRH Body English – Black leather couches and a crystal chandelier create a sense of luxury in a rock-star sorta’ way. Found below ground, Body English is two floors of high energy and hi jinks for the adventurous Vegas crowd.

And the Win Goes to HRH: This one was tight (the roof comes off!) but Body English has more edge.

Round 6: Pool Party

Palms Ditch Fridays – Daring you to start the weekend early, Ditch Fridays is an energetic Pool Party that takes place around 2 acres of swimming pools. Unique features like bars behind waterfalls and under glass bottomed deck pools, give the energetic pool party an almost surreal feel.

HRH Rehab – Known for being the first in Vegas to dare putting the party in the pool, Rehab is still rockin’ despite all the copycats. The 5 acres of waterfalls and lakes alone are mind blowing, and that’s before the music starts. Definitely on the wilder side, Rehab is a party that can’t be missed.

And the Win Goes to HRH: You can try all you want, but nothing is ever as good as the original.

Head to head, the match is a tie, and it really comes down to your vision of a Vegas Vacation. With both resorts, you are still going to feel the pain come Monday morning, but know that it is due punishment for a weekend full of unrivaled revelry.