7 Tips For Getting the Girl at a Vegas Pool Party

Pool party season in Vegas is well underway, and that means guys can double their chances of getting the girl, if they play their cards right. There is a big difference between chatting up a girl in the dark, and chatting one up in broad daylight, especially when you are both already wearing next to nothing. Here’s some tips on how to break the ice at a pool party and hopefully score a dinner date – and more.

1.       Stay Where You Play – Say you are coming into town to try out the SLS’ new Foxtail Pool Club, than you stay at the SLS. It’s actually not as expensive as you think, and you will have what 95% of the other guys at the pool party don’t – a shower and bed just an elevator ride away. 

Foxtail Pool Club at SLS Hotel & Casino

Foxtail Pool Club at SLS Hotel & Casino

2.       Be the Life of the Pool Party – A Vegas pool party is all about having fun – lots of fun. This is not the scene where being the brooding boy in the corner is going to get you noticed. Instead, you need to be energetic and friendly with everyone who crosses your path.

3.       Go VIP – Pool parties in Vegas are loud and crowded. Rent a cabana so that you have someplace private to chill once you do meet that bikini-clad beauty worth spending time alone time with. The Foxtail Pool Club at SLS has a line of cabanas right in front of the pool, keeping you in the middle of the action, even when you are trying to get some of your own.

Foxtail Pool VIP Cabana at SLS Hotel & Casino

Foxtail Pool VIP Cabana at SLS Hotel & Casino

4.       Practice Eye Contact – One of the big hurdles a guy at a Vegas pool party needs to master is maintaining eye contact. Yes, she is wearing next to nothing and there are more interesting things to see than those big blue eyes, but that will come later. For now, keep your cool and try and keep your focus above the shoulders or you will come across as a guy in heat.

5.       Be Generous – Buy drinks, shots, or bottles of champagne. Anything to show a devil may care attitude when it comes to money. The life of the party isn’t pulling out a calculator to check his tab.

6.        Flirt – There is a reason why so many young ladies show up in bathing suits at a Vegas pool party, they want to be noticed. And they want to know that they are being noticed. Show her you appreciate the effort by being flirtatious. 

7.       Know When it’s Time to Make that Last Move – Timing is everything. Wait until R3HAB has wound down his set and the crowd has started to wind down before suggesting freshening up in your room, conveniently located right inside the hotel. She is hot and tired and most likely very impressed with the idea of a shower close by before having to jump on the monorail and head all the way back to her hotel in the middle of the strip.

What happens beyond that is up to you, but you have the home court advantage by having your home base close by. And if nothing comes of your efforts, you still have the night where you can try your luck at LiFE.