7 Reasons Why You Need to Call Your Own Snow Day and Head to Vegas in January

All of the new hotels and attractions that hit the strip and beyond in 2014 helped Vegas break its own tourism record with a whopping 40 million visitors. That’s a hard number to wrap your head around – so look at it this way: The entire state of California packed their bags, went to Vegas and brought 2 million more friends. That’s right, more people visited Vegas in 2014 than live in California, and that includes the itty bitty babies.

And it just keeps getting better. The next time some of that white stuff has you homebound, jump on a plane and check out what’s on the Vegas menu for January:

More Mafia Memorabilia

The Mob Museum is winking at HBO’s obsession with organized crime with 2 new exhibits that feature props from favorite series. First is a track suit that Tony Sirico – who played Walnuts- wore in an episode of the Sopranos from season 6. The second is the suit that Steve Buscemi’s character – Nucky – was shot in during the finale of Boardwalk Empire. You can even see the bullet hole.

The real Nucky’s silver cup, which he handed out during a 1925 cooking contest (you have to wonder what was in that soup) has also been collected by the museum and is now on display.

Let’s Get Shakin’

New York- New York resort welcomed the first Shake Shack in Vegas right inside of its new park. This ‘50’s themed burger joint has been Vegasized with a beer and wine menu, sweets from Gimme Some Sugar, and an enormous dessert for like 20 called the Shackapalooza.

Vegaster Burgers Reservations.jpg

There’s Always More Room at the Buffet

The Excalibur revamped its buffet last year and is now a contender in the 7 best competitions. With food stations from around the world and an interactive dessert station, there is something to chow down on for everyone. If you get into town on a Friday feast, take a dip in the ocean with their spectacular seafood selections.

3 Must See Special Events

·       Anderson Silva goes head to head with Nick Diaz at the MGM Grand Garden. This is number 183 of UFC take downs and will take place on the 31st of January.

·       Latin singing sensations Pit Bull and Enrique Iglesias take the Mandalay Bay stage together on January 31st.

·       If you need a good laugh to drown out the January blues, check out super funny man Daniel Tosh at the Mirage on the 23rd and 24th.

Hang Out With Porn Stars

Stop rubbing your eyes, you read that right. The Hard Rock is playing host to the porn industry’s award show this year. (I wish I knew what those categories are) But before the “Oscars of Porn” gets started, which is on the 24th, there is the adult entertainment expo starting on the 21st. This is the one event that is really going to get you warmed up this January.