60 Reasons Why the Wynn Keeps on Winning

Once known as the Mobil Travel Guide, The Forbes Travel Guide has been the go-to source of info for tourists and travelers since 1958. Being recognized by the guide is an honor, and something all of the big hotels are striving for. Just last month they released their 2015 list of restaurants, hotels and spas deserving of their stars of approval and take one guess which Vegas mega resort has the most.

 Star Hotels

To receive 5 Stars, Forbes explains that the hotel must be flawless with the finest amenities possible. The staff has to exceed expectations by being intuitive and passionate, and quality must shine through in even the tiniest detail. All of this adds up to both the Encore Tower Suites and the Wynn Tower Suites.

Star Count total = 10

4 Stars isn’t easy to come by either and are only given to hotels that provide a distinct setting with exacting attention to detail. The Encore and the Wynn both get the nod here with 4 stars each from Forbes.

Grand total so far = 18

Star Restaurants

Forbes bases its ratings on the most sophisticated secret shopper system you could imagine. When evaluating a restaurant, all of the elements are noted, from the second a guest approaches the door to the moment when they leave. Not only is the quality of the food taken into consideration but also the atmosphere of the restaurant, staff, menu selections and of, course aesthetic appeal.

Wynn – Encore made a lot of these secret shopper diners very happy last year and gained a whole lot of 4 stars in the process:

·        Costa Di Mare – Wynn

·         The Country Club – Wynn

·         Sinatra - Encore

·         SW Steakhouse – Wynn

·         Wing Lei – Wynn

So what’s that? A total of 20 stars for restaurants, but those are for continued excellence, each of those restaurants has received 4 stars in the past. The following were recognized for the first time this year:

·         Andrea’s – Encore

·         Tableau- Wynn

·         Mizumi – Wynn

Another 12 stars and the Wynning total is 50, and there are still more. Both the Spa at Encore and the Wynn each earned another 5 stars for continued excellence, making the combined total for the resort a whopping 60 stars! That’s friggin’ amazing.

The Forbes Travel Guide Stars are coveted, and not easy to achieve. Yes, there are other resorts in Vegas that are getting the random 4 or 5 stars, but not even close to what the Wynn is doing – just with its restaurants. This latest list from Forbes only confirms what most of us have known for a while now – when you want the whole package in luxury, quality, and high-class Vegas, Wynn is dealing the winning hand all over its resorts.