5 Sexy Vegas Shows We Dare You To See

If you are serious about exploring the sin in Sin City you certainly will have your pick with live entertainment. Sure you can do the pole – lap dance thing at places like Crazy Horse 3 or Sapphire, or you can add a touch of class with your a**… booty watching and drop in on one of Vegas’ wickedly wild shows.

Zumanity – This is for when you want your cirque with a large helping of raunch. Sit back and let the Mistress of Sensuality take you on a sexual journey complete with stunts that defy gravity and acrobatics that will drop your jaw. In true cabaret style, the show begins before the curtains rise, with characters emerging out of nowhere and interacting with the audience. One by one they are introduced by the emcee before a number of short shots of sex-driven stories take place on stage. There is no big story line to follow, and some numbers do explore the darker side of sex and relationships, but when the curtain does finally close you will be begging for more.

Jubilee- The last showgirl production still playing in Vegas, Jubilee is old school Vegas done up in a very modern fashion. Expect feather be-decked beauties prancing around a larger than life stage. This is your Frank Sinatra Vegas complete with bare-breasted dancers kicking their heels and shimmying their behinds. There is good reason why this show has been running since 1981, and it’s not for the showboys.

X Burlesque- Scale the babes down to six, take away the feathers, slip into sexy lingerie and suddenly the showgirls are bordering on X-rated. The X Burlesque bevy of beauties light up the stage in a number of musical acts that range from fun and flirty to randy and raunchy. Dance numbers are set to contemporary songs that you would be humming along with if your tongue wasn’t on the floor.

Fantasy – What’s yours? This long running Vegas strip show has a wild cop, lasso-whipping cowgirl and the all-chick ménage trois to indulge anyone’s. All your entertainment whims are met with an incredibly talented live singer and a comedian to fill the void in between acts. Beautiful strippers aside – as if – this is top-notch entertainment where each act is a show on its own. Whether watching an erotic belly dance or sultry salsa, you are going to find a few new fantasies you’ll want to fulfill.

Chippendales – No Las Vegas bachelorette party is complete without one night with this 10 man revue. Heart-throbbing construction workers, doctors and cowboys strut their junk and play flirty games with the audience. Yes, this is a very interactive show, so don’t be surprised when the bride to be is being pulled onto the stage. Pure, (sorta) innocent fun, Chippendales needs to be on every girls Vegas bucket list.

There is no better place to explore your wild side than in the most sinful city on the planet. With pulse racing acts performed by erotic dancers, expect your level of what’s really hot in Vegas to rise a couple of degrees.