5 Rounds of Old School – A Side by Side View of Vegas’ Tropicana and Golden Nugget Resorts

Both the Tropicana and Golden Nugget are two of the oldest resorts still standing in Vegas. One uptown, and the other downtown, they are also two of the most popular places to make a temporary home for Las Vegas visitors. Torn between the two icons? Here’s a side by side view of the peaks and perks of both to help you decide:

Round 1: Step Inside, the Drinks are Fine Anytime

Tropicana Lounge at the Tropicana – Your bar that never closes is found just outside of the theater, with live music and big screen TV action for when a good game is on.

Claude’s Bar at the Golden Nugget – Located right by the Poker Room inside the casino, Claude’s is a well-known downtown hangout for its spiked drinks and video poker.

Golden Nugget wins the first round for its cozy appeal and fun atmosphere.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Downtown Las Vegas

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino Downtown Las Vegas

Round 2: Stick a Fork in a Juicy Steak

Biscayne Steak – Sea – Wine at the Tropicana: The South Beach design makes you forget it’s a steakhouse, but you’re brought right back to reality with the first bite of that ribeye.

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse at the Golden Nugget: A nationally recognized steakhouse, Vic & Anthony’s is a classic steakhouse serving succulent beef of all varieties.

Vic & Anthony’s offers a unique atmosphere with all the same great taste making them the winner of the second round.

Round 3: The View From Up Here

Deluxe City View Room at the Tropicana: City View rooms are bright and inviting, offering unobstructed views of the world’s most infamous city strip.

Rush Tower deluxe guest rooms at the Golden Nugget: This newly renovated space provides spacious rooms with your choice of three different views to stare out onto.

You can get a view of the strip from just about anywhere these days, but a view of the shark tank at the Golden Nugget makes them the winner of this third round.

Golden Nugget Rooms

Golden Nugget Rooms

Round 4: Going for an afternoon dip

Sky Beach Club at the Tropicana: The highly anticipated Sky Beach Club will open its pools for the first time on April 8th. Dance along with celebrity hosts, VIP in a private cabana, slide into the secluded hot tub. The new day club will also have beer pong and black jack for when you get bored of all the bikinis – as if.

The Tank at the Golden Nugget: The pool scene at the Golden Nugget may not have a DJ behind it, but it does have sharks, and different decks for different tastes. If you really came to the pool to swim, beware, as there are real sharks in there.

The sharks make the Golden Nugget the winner of the Third round too. Face it, everyone is doing a day club these days, but no one else has ever had the gumption to add man-eating fish to their pool before.

Round 5: Where you can party ‘til the Vegas sun rises

Tropicana Lounge at the Tropicana: The Lounge is a break from the typical Vegas night club, with its live music acts and unique setting designed for mingling.

Rush Lounge at the Golden Nugget: With the Rush Lounge you get signature cocktails and unique live music in this upbeat and stylish atmosphere.

The Tropicana gets the win here for its inviting set-up that encourages you to meet new people.

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Truth is, with both of these old school hotels, you still get the same VIP feel and amenities as with their younger competitors, just with a twist. You can’t go wrong in either direction if you want to spend your sleeps in a Vegas hotel that has a rich history.