5 of the Most Bizarre Places to Get Hitched in Vegas

Everyone knows of the cliché Vegas chapel wedding, but as this has become cliché, other venues are cashing in on the romance by offering unusual and some outright bizarre ways to enter into wedded bliss. If you and your soon to be for life (OMG) partner like to walk the road less traveled, come to Vegas and exchange your rings in one of these not quite romantic spots.

New York – New York Roller Coaster

Marriage certainly is full of twist and turns, so why not start one on a roller coaster? The actual 15 minute ceremony takes place on the platform but once that first kiss is finished the bride and groom, and up to 14 of their favorite people, hop aboard and take a thrilling ride. The hotel has set aside two times a day- 12:30 am and 10:30 am where the roller coaster is made available only to blushing brides and their grooms.

Mandalay Bay Minus 5 Ice Lounge

Kept at a consistent 23 degrees, this of course has to be the coolest place to get married in Vegas. Located in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place, Minus 5 offers wedding packages that include loaned fur coats for the guests, flowers, a photographer and special coats for the bride and groom. The idea of getting married is chilling to some, so why not expand on that and get chill for your wedding?

KISS Monster Mini Golf

Across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel (of course) is an 18 hole mini golf course themed around the rock band KISS, where inside you will find the Hotter than Hell Wedding Chapel. Concert tickets are sent to guests, who get to watch the nuptials unfold on a stage fashioned to mimic the “Love Gun” album cover. To further enhance the rock star wedding feel, dresses can be rented by the bride. One has to wonder how many Rehab pool party hook-ups end up at this wedding chapel.

The Gun Store

Because every shooting range should have its own wedding chapel. Aptly named Shot Gun Weddings by the Gun Store, the wedding package includes perks like 5 free shots with a shotgun and photo ops holding your favorite fire arm. This may be the perfect wedding venue for the guy who wants to go down shooting.

Downtown Denny’s

Yes, the Denny’s, where you feed your hangover with greasy sausage and eggs now has a wedding chapel. Or should we say a small booth in the dining room that has white lattice in front of it. The Denny’s wedding package does not include a minister, but you do get a wedding cake made out of pancakes and time to take pictures inside of the photo booth. Tying the knot at Denny’s skips all that “special day” stuff and cuts straight to the reality of what married life is really like.

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There is someone out there for everyone, and Vegas has just the spot to make anyone’s engaged heart beat for joy. If you are looking for a true once in a lifetime wedding extravaganza, look no further than Las Vegas where adventure and pancake lovers alike can all get hitched in the place of their dreams.