Las Vegas Bucket List: 3 Simple Dishes to Die For

A look at my bucket list is very telling. There are no wishes to see the Eiffel Tower or climb Mount Everest, the majority of my must do’s before I die revolve around food.

Yes, I would like to visit Paris, but only so I could have a croissant. And when it comes to my Vegas list you will find much of the same. I love the clubs and the great shows, but I love more is the meal beforehand. With nothing fancy here, because some of the best dishes are the simple ones, I present the list of foods I have found in Vegas that if you don’t try them at least once, the regret will kill you:

Start with something as simple as a sandwich for dinner. You can find a good sandwich in almost every major city in the world, but none like what you will find at the Carnegie Deli inside the Mirage. Now having a long standing relationship with their predecessor in New York I can say with conviction that they are doing their daddy proud. Everything I have tried there has been off the chain but the to die for sandwich is the reuben (#13 on the menu if you get lost). I kick mine up a notch with pastrami over corned beef, but you can do yours anyway you like.

It is a tradition of mine to hit a Vegas food spot after a night as a VIP in one of the clubs. There are wee hour joints up and down the strip, but nothing says I just drank too much better than a plate of steaming eggs and hash browns. The best spot for this is Hash House A Go Go and the best eggs in town. The to die for dish? House hash browns with spicy chorizo, jalapenos, cheddar and tomato, topped off with two eggs. Mine are looking at me but you can get your eggs however you like them.

Breakfast of champions!

Breakfast of champions!

There is going to be at least one morning after while you are in Vegas that is going to call for some comfort soup. Mine has always been a bowl of steaming won ton soup, complete with big chunks of Chinese roast pork. The “am I Mexican or am I Chinese” China Poblano (pronounced Cheena like in Mexico) inside of the Cosmopolitan serves the ultimate bowl of won ton soup. Called Swallow a Cloud, your mind will quickly come out of them once you try this delicious combination of won ton, pork, shrimp and bok choy. The next time you find yourself dying from a Vegas hangover this is the soup to cure it.

You can find the best of everything in Vegas, from farm raised Kobe beef to Maine lobster tail. And yes, there are some of those dishes that are on my Vegas bucket list too. For now it is best to start simple and start knocking off some of those items that should be the same no matter where you are, but for some reason taste better in Vegas.