3 Outrageous Bloody Mary’s You’ll Only Find in Vegas

Once upon a time, ordering a Bloody Mary to feed your hangover was easy. You were delivered a tall glass that contained a combination of tomato juice, vodka, hot sauce and maybe salt and pepper to taste. If you were lucky, the celery stick garnish was upgraded to a jumbo cocktail shrimp.

Then bartenders turned into mixologists, and began to turn the hangover drink into a hangover meal. This has led to some seriously insane concoctions that are only truly appreciated after a truly serious insane night spent partying too hard in Vegas.

The Build Your Own Hangover Bloody Mary at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar

Guy Fieri is obviously a guy who has seen his fair share of hangovers. His breakfast menu contains a whole list of comfort foods designed to get you back up and running, like the Dragon’s Breath Chili Cornbread Benedict. But if that’s too much food to stave off the headache, then just stick with his Hangover Recovery Bloody Mary.

Start by choosing your favorite vodka, or maybe you want to further punish yourself with a tequila laced drink. Next pick your level of heat before contemplating which five garnishes to top it off with from a list that includes; shrimp, pepperoni, candied bacon, chicken-apple sausage, cucumber, pineapple, pickles, peppers, jalapeno, orange, olives, carrot sticks or pickled vegetables. No tall glass with all of that going on, your $40 hangover cure is served in a 52 ounce punch bowl.

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen

The Colossal at Hexx Kitchen & Bar

The Paris Hotel’s Hexx Kitchen & Bar serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday to 1 P.M. for those of you who are having a hard time rolling out of your drunken state before noon. The menu is full of food to suit any hangover and a choice of innovative Bloody Mary’s to wash them down with.

The Colossal is made using an organic basil infused vodka and spicy tomato juice served in a mini pitcher. Then they add an Alaskan king crab leg, jumbo shrimp, a beef stick, bacon, peppers and pickled veggies to really make it interesting. That’s enough protein in one cocktail to fuel your frenzy for a Vegas pool party. 

Colossal at Hex Kitchen & Bar

Colossal at Hex Kitchen & Bar

All About Mary at Todd English P.U.B.

Found inside the Shops at Crystals, Todd English P.U.B. specializes in fixing your hangover with a 3 page build your Bloody Mary menu. Not only do you have a choice of premium vodkas, you can have them infused with flavor – like bacon. Then there are the 9 different hot sauces, 3 splashes and 18 garnishes.

But if that’s too much for your pickled hangover brain, just order the All About Mary. Not only will it cure your hangover, it will cure your need to eat again for the entire day. The garnishes stand as tall as the drink, and include a slider, fried chicken wing, cocktail shrimp, stuffed olives, corn dog pup, pickled asparagus, and carrot. Plus a celery stalk – you know, to keep it classic.

Todd English P.U.B @ Aria Las Vegas

Todd English P.U.B @ Aria Las Vegas

The right Bloody Mary will soothe even the most wicked of Vegas hangovers. Don’t rely on your hotel room service to fill your need, but rather get your butt off of the bathroom floor and get ballin’ again by starting your next round with one of these outrageous concoctions.

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