3 Champagne Bars in Vegas that will Get You Buzzed on Bubbly

Maybe it’s the twinkling of all the bright lights, or that “indulge or go home” attitude visitors get, but no drink sets the Vegas mood better than a tall glass of sparkling champagne. Typically reserved for special occasions only, champagne has become the drink of choice when you want to celebrate the escape from the ordinary that a Vegas vacation gives you.

Grab a few bottles of bubbly at your VIP table to drink when at the club, or spend a few hours enjoying the finer things in Vegas at one of these exclusive champagne bars:

FIZZ Las Vegas

Probably one of the best-kept secrets at Caesar’s Forum Shops, FIZZ is a lavish two story celebration of fine champagne and cocktails. Created by David Furnish and partner Sir Elton John, the setting is as extravagant as the pop star and the selection of champagnes as diverse as his music. In addition to bubbly by the glass and bottle is a selection of specialty champagne cocktails. Order a FIZZ Deluxe and get happy with a blend of Grand Marnier Quintessence, Hennessy Richard Cognac and a dash of Dom Rose. Just one of these $2,500 champagne cocktails will have you feeling like a Rocket Man.

Laguna Champagne Bar

The Palazzo added a touch of class to their casino floor with the addition of the Laguna Champagne Bar. Once a simple casino lounge, the classically understated space is now a prime location to get your cork popped. Order by the glass or bottle from a vast selection of world renowned champagnes, starting with the simplicity of Moet and ending with the super high-end B de Boerl & Kroff. If you are not a champagne aficionado and have no clue about the difference between brands, the relaxed vibe inside of the Laguna gives you a chance to pick the champagne expert bartender’s brains about which ones will suit your taste and your budget.

Laguna Champagne Bar @ Palazzo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Laguna Champagne Bar @ Palazzo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

The Krug Room at Restaurant Guy Savoy

The Krug family has been one of the premier wine and champagne makers in the world for over 170 years. Recognizing the superiority of their champagnes a select number of fine restaurants around the world have incorporated exclusive Krug rooms. The Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace has the only Krug Room in the United States. This private dining room provides an ideal setting for a special event held over a six course meal. Each course is paired with a distinct Krug champagne, giving you and your guests the chance to sample a small variety of all Krug has to offer.

Guy Savoy Las Vegas Krug Room

Guy Savoy Las Vegas Krug Room

A Vegaster Quick Guide to Ordering Champagne


If you want to skip the dinner and lounge and head straight to the club, you can easily make champagne your VIP table drink of choice. 

The Dynastie Package

The Dynastie Package

Moet & Chandon – One of the most popular bottles found at Vegas nightclub VIP tables, and one of the least expensive. It’s a good choice if you’re more into the bottle popping effect than the taste, especially if you get a special where it’s paired with bottles of booze too.

Veuve Clicquot – One notch up from Moet, you’ll make a better impression on the club girls with Veuve Clicquot but it won’t kill your drink budget.

Dom Perignon – For the regular guy Vegas baller, Dom Perignon is the crème de la crème of VIP table champagne ordering. Sure there is bigger and more expensive, but a couple of bottles of Dom speaks volumes about how high your VIP status is.

Celebrate your freedom from inhibitions by sipping on champagne during your Vegas visit. You’re in a city where every day is a reason to party, so why not take advantage of it?