The Las Vegas Guide for 21+ Somethings

Let’s face it, Vegas in your 20’s is all about the party. The basics – room and food – are typically done on the cheap so that the bulk of your vacation cash goes towards your booze. 21 somethings should follow this easy guide to maximize their resources and make the most of their trip to the strip.

Who to Invite

The more 20 somethings the merrier. Corral your wildest and craziest friends, for your trip. Those who have a great sense of humor, are always down for an insane adventure, and who won’t mind chipping in for drinks. Leave your free-loading friend at home watching T.V. with that guy who thinks a good time is a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. The beauty of a large group is that you can split most of the expenses, cutting your cost to a fraction of what it would be if you were to go all Hans Solo to Vegas.

The crew you bring is the key to an ultimate weekend!

The crew you bring is the key to an ultimate weekend!

Where to Stay

With the right number of people, you are not limited to a roach coach off of the strip. New York New York, SLS and Circus Circus are both extremely reasonable price-wise, with rooms that can comfortably sleep 4. And who cares if you are bunking with your bud, you won’t be spending much time in the room anyway.

What to Eat

Yes, you can easily drop a couple of hundred bucks on dinner in Vegas, but when you are in your 20’s, why would you want to? There are plenty of pizza and burger joints on the strip that won’t kill your budget, or you could always just save your appetite for an all you can eat buffet. The Flamingo’s very pretty Paradise Garden Buffet is open for brunch every day of the week, featuring hundreds of delectable choices for just $20 bucks. Vegaster Exclusive: Carving Buffet at Mirage Passes for only $26 per person. Live Chat for details!

What to Do During the Day

After filling your face at the buffet you can head down to Fremont St. and start taking advantage of the cheap Happy Hour drink deals many of the bars have going on. Hennessey’s Tavern starts getting happy at 4, with discounts on shots, drafts and drinks. The free flowing booze and energetic attitude provide the perfect beginning for your night.

If the season is right you of course you can always hit up one of Vegas’ incredible pool parties. Nothing beats an afternoon at the Hard Rock’s Rehab in the summertime, an especially cool way to kick back during the day in Vegas. Vegaster Non-Budget Breaker: Palms Pool. Underrated and Undervalued. Grab a Cabana for less that $1000! 

And the Vegas Nightclub?

The best advice we have to offer for your nightclub outings is to go VIP. It makes no difference if you are partying at Hakkassan, Chateau, Hyde or Drai’s, your experience will be 100% better if you book a VIP table ahead of time. We can help you out with that of course. Vegaster Double Trouble Pick: Hyde Nightclub ALL INCLUSIVE VIP for $1299. Includes Hosted Entry & 2 Bottles of Grey Goose. 

Enjoy your 20’s while they last. For the majority of us, these are those last years between being a reckless youth and responsible adult. Give that reckless you side the Vegas ride you crave, before you get settled down into your 30’s.