10 New Year’s Resolutions For Die Hard Vegas-ites

It’s rolling around again. That time of year when we are supposed to make some promises about what we will, and won’t, do in 2015. Most people talk about getting in shape, or quitting smoking, but Vegas people look for ways to improve on their trip.

Here’s a list of 10 resolutions you should be making if you want 2015 to by your year of Vegas done right:

10) Book your trips in advance. The sudden “let’s go to Vegas tomorrow” thing works for people who have the money and clout to make it happen. For the rest of us, we should be doing some planning and booking flights and rooms in advance if we want the trip to be flawless.

09) Visit the Grand Canyon… by helicopter. There is so much stuff off of the strip that people just forget about once they get blinded by all that neon. Book a chopper and spend one of your Vegas days out of the city.

08) Drive a sweet sports car. Another overlooked attraction in Vegas. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want the chance to do some laps in a Ferrari. Again, step away from the slots and into something completely different.

07) Bring your significant other. If Kanye and Kim can do it, you can too. At least once anyway. There are romantic spots tucked away all over Vegas. This year, don’t forget your anniversary, rather celebrate it in your favorite city on the planet

06) See a show. You say this every time you start planning your trip and well, then things just go awry. With so many shows all over Vegas, it is easy to find one that you will not only be able to sit through, but that you’ll like.

05) Order room service. This is a luxury that few people take advantage of. Just one breakfast or lunch, brought to your room on a little cart will make you love a whole different side of Vegas.

Any type of food ... anytime!

Any type of food...anytime!

04) Go VIP. If you are just going to the clubs, then you are not really going to the clubs. Instead, you are gambling on getting in, and even on getting a drink before dawn. Book a VIP table and bottle service and finally figure out what all the fuss is about. Yeah, the right way to do this is with Vegaster.

03) Book a suite. The rooms in Vegas hotels are nice enough, but haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like in a suite. Get a group of your friends together and go all out to see for yourself. Or splurge here when you fulfill resolution number seven.

Vegaster Pick: 1 of the best is the MGM Skylofts

Vegaster Pick: 1 of the best is the MGM Skylofts

02) Stay a week. How many times have you done the weekend thing? Isn’t it about time you find out what is happening in Vegas on Wednesdays?

01) Download & Sign up with Vegaster. Your one stop app for all that’s happening in Vegas. Up to the second updates on who’s playing where, which bar has the best specials, and how to get from point A to B quickly. With an app like this, making the rest of your Vegas resolutions is going to be a snap.

This is one resolution list you don’t want to flake out on. As you are watching 2014 turn into 2015, make yourself some Vegas promises that you are actually going to want to keep.